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Final Exam HS101

Final Exam terms

most common combining vowel o
combining form is made up of a word root and a combining vowel
disease patho
pertaining to below inferior
away from the point of attachment distal
ventral is similar to anterior
coronal plane divides the body into anterior and posterior portions
position most appropriate for receiving an anal exam knee-chest position
increase the angle between two bones by straightening the limb extension
combining form meaning belly ventro
combining form meaning tail caudo
combining form meaning nose rhino
dialation of the bronchi bronchiectasis
instrument used to measure carbon dioxide capnometer
deficient oxygen in the blood hypoxemia
suffix -stomy creation of an artificial opening
pus in the chest (pleural space) pyothorax
suffix -iasis condition
suffix -rrhaphy suturing, repairing
protrusion of the bladder cystocele
seperation of the kidney from other structures nephrolysis
surgical crushing of a stone lithotripsy
indicates sugar in urine glycosuria
surgical fixation of testicle orchidopexy
combining form meaning heart cardio
combining form meaning clot thrombo
inflammation of the lymph nodes lymphadenitis
suffix meaning removal -aphersis
no pregnancies nulligravida
many pregnancies multigravida
no births nullipara
many births multipara
birth para
combining form for bear, give birth parto
combining form for navel omphalo
combining form for pregnancy gravido
combining form for birth nato
combining form for milk lacto
Created by: keah_ladawn