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LITCT Vol 1 Ch 9R

Latin in the Christian Trivium, Volume I, Chapter 9 recognition vocabulary

aedificavit built (in the past time, long ago)
ambulantes walking
aquaeductum, -i, n. aqueduct
conveniunt come together
ducit leads
dum while
invenit finds
iam already, now
iter facit is traveling
locus, loci, m. place
navibus ships
nominibus with names
nonnullas some
notus, nota, notum famous
qui who
occidentale west
orientale east
portus harbor
quae which
quoque also
Romae at Rome
Romani the Romans
septentrionali north
ut requiescat in order that they might rest; or, to rest
Via Appia (Street) Appian Way
Via Aurelia (Street) Aurelian Way
Via Flaminia (Street) Falminian Way
Via Latinia (Street) Latinian Way
Via Tivolia (Street) Tivolian Way
Via Tusculia (Street) Tusculian Way
Via Ostiensis (Street) Ostian Way
Created by: LITCT