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Teresa Phillips3


This mineral is used to treat eclampsia (2 words) magnesium sulfate
Used to prevent aspiration pneumonitis dura sx procedures (7) Bicitra
Give to mom if her titer is < 1:10 but better not if she is pregnant Rubella
Used for perineal discomfort, this topical has benzocaine in it Dermoplast Spray
Used for circumcision or perineal discomfort this has lidocaine in it EMLA cream
The symptoms it treats are the same symptoms it can cause, but can also be used to cleanse the vaginal area (5) TUCKS
Give to mom at ____ weeks then again at _____ if baby is positive and she is negative RhoGam, 28 wks, birth
Given by injection, implant or depot this med decreases testosterone to decrease the pain of endometriosis and growth of fibroids. Also effective on CPP (6) Lupron/ leuprolide
Stimulates follicular growth by stimulating the release of FSH and LH in anterior pituitary. (6) Clomid/ clomiphene
This sedative hypnotic also blocks histamine and can reduce anxiety too. It has potential for causing cleft palate and fatal gasping syndrome in peds. (8) vistaril / hydroxyzine
Stimulates motility of the upper GI tract and accelerates gastric emptying. (8) Reglan / metoclopramide
This antiemetic is also antipsychotic and RN should tell patient of possible pink urine. (9) compazine / prochloperazine
Inhibits calcium transport into myocardial and vascular smooth muscle cells. Moms wth angina will like this med. Unlabeled use for migraine. (9) Procardia /nifedipine
Antidote for hypermagnesia and adjunct in cardiac arrest Give at 1.5-2 mls/min MAX IV (2 words) Calcium gluconate
This is a three drug combo for pain,sedation relief of vascular headache ((8) Fiorinal
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