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Teresa Phillips1

OB Meds 2

Side effects include dizziness,headache and malaise. Effective against a type of encephalititis. Dosage is 200 mg/5x/day for 10 days (7) Zovirax/ acyclovir
This interferes with viral DNA synthesis and helps prevent the transmission of genital herpes. (12) Valacyclovir
Start within 48 hours of shingles outbreak (7) Valtrex
This is a systemic antifungal but is also availbe in a vaginal suppository (7) Diflucan / fluconazole
This is available as both a suppository or PO. It promotes incorporation of water into the stool (6) Colace /docusate sodium
This laxative can turn the urine pink-red or brown-black (7) senokot
Antagonizes the effects of histamine and used to treat allergies. May cause paradoxical excitation in children. (8) diphenhydramine hydrochloride /benadryl
Used to treat GERD (6) Pepcid / famotidine
This opioid is given 50-100 IM or SubQ when contrations become regular. It is a favorite but you should not give if rr are less than 12 (7) Demerol / meperidine
A classic opioid used to treat moderate to severe pain. (9) Duramorph/ morphine sulfate
Used as a supplement to anesthesia, pre and post op analgesia (8) Fentanyl / sublimaze
Used to prevent hemmorrhagic disease of the newborn (12) Aqua-mephyton / phytonadione
May make the urine more intensely yellow (5 + 4) Folic Acid
Consumption of ascorbic acid will help the absorption of this important supplement (6) Feosol (ferrous sulfate)
Cause uterine contractions, induces labor and ripens the cervix. Increases production of protective mucus. (7) cytotec / misoprostol
This cervical ripening med is given as a suppository. It is important to premedicate mom as N/V are expected. (8) cervidil / dinoprostone
Used for postpartum control of bleeding as well as induction of labor (8) oxytocin /pitocin
Available as intranasal spray to cause milk letdown (8) oxytocin /pitocin
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