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teresa Phillips

OB 1

This is used to treat serious gram negative bacteria. Prevent infective endocarditis. Important intervention is audiometry first. (6) gentamicin
Replenishes surfactant and restores surface activity to the lungs of premies. Milky white that we pour down the endo tube. (8) survanta
This generic name is for another surfactant no longer available in US (11 + 9) colfosceril palmitate / exosurf
This works by binding to the cell membrane and allowing leakage of the cellular contents. It is commonly prescribed for vulvovaginal candiasis. (8) nystatin
For txmt of otitis media as well as prevention of infection in certain high risk patients undergoing c-section (10) ampicillin
For postpartum endomyometrius, septic abortion, post sx gyne infections-generic name (9) ertapenem
this is used to control postpartum bleeding by causing uterine contractions. Also for induction of mid-trimester abortion (8) hemabate / carboprost tromethamine
For prevention of postpartum hemorrhage c/b uterine atony (10) Methergine/ methylergonovine maleate
Decreases the intensity and frequency of premature uterine contractions (9) Ritodrine / Yutopar
Stops preterm labor, is normally used to treat asthma (8) brethine / terbutaline
given to mom to prevent respiratory distress in preterm newborns (13) betamethasone
Can be used to prevent "morning sickness', also used as an adjunct to anesthesia (9) Phenergan / promethazine
causes the coalescence of gas bubbles (10) simethicone / Mylicon
Very effective for treating UTI and as periprophylaxis (9) cefazolin /Ancef
This combo anti-infective has a broader spectrum than penicillin but is IV or IM only (6) unasyn / ampicillin and sulbactam
Great for MRSA and C.Diff but has which needed lab? (10) Vancomycin / P and T
This bronchodilator is a respiratory and myocardial stimulant in premature infant apnea (12) theophylline
This sedative hypnotic can also be used as an anti-emetic (8) inapsine / droperidol
This common anti-infective contains sodium and is anti-ulcer,antiprotozoal and treats vaginal infections (6) flagyl / metronidazole
this antiinfective also treats vaginal infections. it can cause a bitter taste with IV. (6) cleocin / clindamycin
trade name for this eye ointment used for newborns (8) ilotycin / erythromycin Opthalmic ointment
antifungal generic name for topical application used to treat cutaneous infections (12) clotrimazole / Lotrimin
This antifungal can be used for UTIs (11) flucanazole /diflucan
Provides analgesia during labor.Also a supplement to anesthesia (6) Nubain / nalbuphine HCL
This drug used during labor is 30-40x more potent than meperidine and has antagonistic effects on opioids (5) stadol
what is the generic name of stadol? butorphanol tartrate
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