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PA Title 18 Ch. 39

Theft and Related Offenses

Joe steals a green bike from Edinboro University. Theft by unlawful taking or disposition
Joe steals the rights and benefits to the upcoming blockbuster "The Hangover" by posing as the director of the movie while signing the necessary paperwork. Theft by deception
Joe, a jeweler, takes out the diamonds of wedding rings he promises to fix and replaces them with a cheaper zirconium. Theft by extortion
Joe steals all of the items from Edinboro University's lost and found bin. Theft of property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake
Nate knowingly receives items that Joe takes from Edinboro University's lost and found bin. Receiving stolen property
Joe does not pay the plumber for his work on the kitchen sink. Theft of services
Joe sneaks into a Coca-Cola office and takes the "secret formula." Theft of trade secrets
Joe hotwires an automobile to temporarily use as a get-away car. Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles
Joe steals a candy bar from the check-out lane at Walmart. Retail theft
Joe hacks into the Coca-Cola database with his computer and downloads their "secret formula." Theft of trade secrets
Joe posts Coca-Cola's "secret formula" after it was already leaked to WikiLeaks. No crime
Joe sells a car that was leased to him as if it were his own. Theft of leased property
Joe sells his landlords property which Joe is currently renting from. Theft of leased property
Joe steals a purse from the inside of a Jeep in the parking lot. Theft from a motor vehicle
Joe sits on his neighbor's porch all morning and waits for FedEx deliveries to sign for before the actual residents get home. Theft by deception
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