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Nash-Crispin Vocab.

Nash- Crispin Vocab. Chapt. 1-20

ignored or avoided by others shunned
an act of breaking the law; sinning transgression
long over-shirt worn by men or boys tunic
unable to move as if in a trance; “scared to death” transfixed
great anger wrath
in a great hurry or fast haste
ask very strongly;beg implore
protection or safety offered to someone; usually from the church sanctuary
completely taken over; under attack besieged
strong sense that something is wrong; a fear foreboding
nourishment or food sustenance
a word for a small village hamlet
a fatal epidemic or outbreak of disease; also known as the “Great Mortality” pestilence
dressed or clothed garbed
not specific;purposely unclear or vague evasively
to examine or observe with great care; to inspect scrutinizing
good judgment; common sense prudence
deep regret or expressing great grief lamenting
carry on through hardships or difficult situations endure
a government in which a single ruler has absolute power; cruel to lower classes tyranny
Created by: brendanash


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