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Pitts VOCAB 11

Vocab Unit 11- Animals

animal that has a backbone vertebrate
animal without a backbone invertebrate
any of a group of warm-blooded animals with a backbone, the mothers produce milk for their young mammal
a cold-blooded animal with a backbone and moist scaleless skin amphibian
a cold-blooded animal with a backbone, covered with horny plates or scales reptile
produce young; raise or grow to get a new or improved kind; a specific kind or type of animal breed
a hole dug in the ground by an animal for refuge or shelter burrow
house for a dog or dogs kennel
not wild, tame domestic
very cruel, savage, fierce ferocious
come down with a rush and seize something pounce
spend the winter in sleep or in an inactive condition hibernate
spring about on the hind legs or on all four legs prance
to make a loud, deep noise, like a roar bellow
any of a group of mammals with large front teeth adapted for gnawing rodent
the North American reindeer caribou
a small salamander that lives in water part of the time newt
a small, burrowing mammal with a protective shell of bony plates armadillo
a small animal belonging to the same group as the spider, with a poisonous stinger at the end of it's tail scorpion
a large tropical American lizard with a spiny crest along its back iguana
roll about, to flounder wallow
feeding mainly on flesh carnivorous
active in the night nocturnal
a sea mammal with a blunt, rounded snout porpoise
bring to an end, wiping out extinction
Created by: mrspitts
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