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System, Pharm, Nut.

Calcitonin does what for the bones? Decreases calcium level by storing calcium in bones
T3 and T4 do what 3 things? 1. Growth/development 2. Metabolism 3. Activity in Nervous System
Thyroid produces what hormones? T3, T4, Calcitonin
nerve cells become excited & stimulate muscles with too many impulses resulting in spasms called? Tetany
Parathyroid hormone, PTH, increases what in the blood? Calcium
underproduction of parathyroid hormone PTH Hypoparathyroidism
The overproduction of parathyroid hormone PTH Hyperparathyroidism
Overproduction of the thyroid hormones is called what? and is known as? Hyperthyroidism; Graves' Disease
Underproduction of thyroid hormones are called what? and is known as what in adults? and in infants? Hypothyroidism;myxedema; cretinism
A thyroid disorder caused by lack of iodine creating a bulge in the neck is called? Goiter
The adrenal cortex secretes what hormones? Salt=mineralcorticoids, sugar=glucocortiods, sex=sex hormones
Overproduction of the hormones from the adrenal cortex is called? Cushings
Underproduction of the hormones from the adrenal cortex is called? Addison's Disease
A tumor in the adrenal medulla is called? Pheochromocytoma
Overproduction of the growth hormones from the anterior pituitary is called what in adults? kids? Acromegaly;Gigantism
Underproduction of the growth hormones from the anterior pituitary is called what in adults? Dwarfism
Overproduction of ADH from the posterior pituitary is called? SIADH
Underproduction of ADH from the posterior pituitary is called? Diabetes Insipidus
S&S of hyperthyroidism flushing, wt loss w/increases appetite, exophthalmus, nervousness, tremors
Tx of hyperthyroidism Antithyroid drugs:PTU, methimazole(Tapazole), Iodides: potassium& sodium, lugol's solution, Sodium iodide(I131, Beta blockers, surgery
Hyperthyroid pt. on antithyroid drugs can have and interaction with? Oral anticoagulants
Thyroid preps used to tx hypothyroidism? Synthroid, Cytomel, Thyrolar
When giving thyroid prep what nursing action must be completed before giving meds? Check apical pluse, if 100 bpm or above hold meds, then call Dr.
When is the best time to give thyroid preps? Early morning
Tx of hypoparathyroidism give calcium gluconate by IV, slowly @ room temp; oral calcium started when pt stable with vitamin D. *give 1-1.5 hrs after meals
tx of hyperparathyroidism phosphate supplement, diuretics, calcimar=derived from salmon, cinacalcet= directly lowers calcium levels/used in dialysis pt
what two signs are often present with hypocalcemia? Chvostek's sign and Trousseau's sign
tx of hypopituitarism replace corticosteroids< somatropin=keep refrigerated, give weekly, give in p.m.
7-9 yrs between onset and Dx in what disorder? Acromegaly
tx of hyperpituitarism chemo, radiation, surgery, drugs< parlodel, sandostatin
tx of diabetes insipidus Admin: ADH= DDAVP, vasopressin, lypressin(intrnasal *do not inhale) use in caution w/ heart pt.
3 goals of thyroid storm management: 1. induce normal thyroid state 2. prevent cardio collapse 3. prevent excess hyperthermia
Type 1 DM 5-10% of pop. have, no function of beta cells, onset in childhood or before 40yrs, insulin dependent
Type 2 DM 80% of pop. have, non insulin dependent, controlled w/ diet, exercise, oral antidiabetics, insulin if needed, some function of beta cells, overweight
3 P's of DM polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia
type 1 s&s wt loss, muscle wasting and 3 p's
type 2 s&s blurred vision, headache, cold exteremites, numbness LE, Nausea, vomiting, and 3 p's
Cornerstone of care in DM Nutritional Therapy
What kind of diet are DM pt. on? ADA=carb counting
The only insulin given IV? Regular
What is the best site for SC insulin injection? Abdomen, do not give injection 2" around navel
Which insulin can you never mix with other insulins? Lantus
Which insulin acts within 15 min? Lisopro
When mixing insulin what do you draw up first? Clear(Regular) * admin within 30 min
what kind of insulin do insulin pumps use? Regular only
DKA(Diabetic Ketoacidosis) is what? Wasting of muscle tissue d/t fat breakdown in liver when no glucose is being produced
tx of hyperglycemia give juice q 15min until rise or glucagon
Rentinopathy damage to small blood vessels in the eyes * #1 cause of blindness in U.S.
neuropathy nerve damage
renal threshold kidney's capacity
How much of a DM pt. calories in diet be made up of Carbs? 50-60% total carbs: 40-50% complex, 10-20% simple sugar
What is HgbA1c blood test to determine how ell blood glucose has been controlled for the last 3 mo. ADA recommends 6%
DM pt. increase Fiber intake why? how muchin diet? To reduce amount of insulin needed; 25-35 grams *increase h2o
DM pt use exercise as part of tx b/c? it uses glucose by increasing insulin receptor sites; lowering cholesterol, b/p, stress, body fat
Created by: meganjohnston
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