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A & P Ch. 4 Integ.

integumentary system

what is the largest organ in the body? skin
continuous with mucous membranes, layered structures characteristics of skin
protects the body form microorganisms, sunlight and chemicals functions
what is one of the senses that you cannot block out? pressure
what is the protein that water proofs the skin and that occurs in hair and fingernails? karatin
where is the melanin pigment produced deep layers of epidermis
what protects the deeper cells from sunlight? melanocytes
what are the two layers of the epidermis stratum corneum, and stratum germinativum
what does germinating mean? grow
what is the layer of the epidermis with only dead cells left? stratum corneum
how does the stratum germinativium grow? mitosis
waht is the dermis composed of fibrous connective tissue
what is the muscle that causes goose bumps? arrector pili
what is the underlying white crescent part of the nail called lanule
if there are many sensory receptors in the area, how will the sensitivity be to that area? strong
what are oil glands called sebaceous
what is oil called sebum
what lessens the amount of heat loss from the skin? sebaceous
what inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin? sebaceous glands
what are ear wax glands called? ceruminous glands
what are sweat glands reffered to as? sudoriferous glands
what two types of sweat glands are there? appocrine and eccrine
appocrine puberty sweating
sweat glands in the forehead, upperlip, plams and soles eccrine
what is the acid left after fat is burned? keytone
what layer of skin is not actually a layer? subcutaneous
loose connective tissue; the matrix contains tissue fluid and WBC's aerolar tissue
stores fat as a potential energy sorce ADIPOSE
what color is normal skin pink, or pink undertones
if someone has cherry red skin, what might that be an indicator of? carbon monoxide poisoning
what are the most common forms of skin cancer? squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma
what is the main reason for complication in burn victoms? infection
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