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Ecce Romani Ch 4-9

Lynch chapter 9

sua her own
nemo no one
nulli no
ianitor doorkeeper
ad ianuam at the door
tacite silently
temptat he/she tries
semisomna half-asleep
hic here
tace be quiet!
noli excitare Don't wake up!
mecum with me
misera unhappy, miserable
nobis for us
discedere to go away, depart
tuus your
vos omnes all of you
simul together
nescio I do not know
secunda hora at the second hour
lacrimat he/she weeps
o me miseram Poor me
manere to remain, stay
vale goodbye
mitte send
promittis you promise
complexu in an embrace
lacrimans weeping
abit he/she goes away
iam now
age / agite come on
vos y'all
nos we, us
excitare to wake up
intrat he/she enters
cubiculum room/bedroom
tempus time
deinde then/next
celeriter quickly
induit he/she puts on
iterum again/a second time
mihi to/for me
occupatus busy
spectant the watch/look at
nuntius messenger
venit he/she comes
salutat he/she greets
salve greetings/hello
inquit he/she says
meus my
ducit he/she leads
tradit he/she hands over
eheu alas/oh no!
princeps emperor
ad urbem to the city
revocat he/she recalls
consulere to consult
redire to go back/return
ire to go
nondum not yet
lucet it is light / it is day
surgit he/she gets up / rises
per villam through the country house
pater father
mater mother
etiam also/even
neque and ... not
tamen however
ancilla slave-woman
omnes all
observat he/she watches
purgat he/she cleans
cibus food
coquere to cook
mox soon, presently
strenue strenuously/hard
aqua water
portant they carry
reprehendit he/she scolds / blames
docet he/she teaches
curare to take care of
adiuvare to help
ipsa she herself
nunc now
necesse est it is necessary
si if
dies day
calidus warm
in silvam into the woods
ibi there
rivus stream
frigidus cool/cold
errant they wander
prope near
vult he/she wants / wishes
ignavus lazy/cowardly
respondet he/she responds
neque...neque... neither... nor...
temerarius rash/reckless/bold
lupus wolf
perterritus frightened
statim immediately
ubi where/when
clamor shout/shouting
eos them
eum him
petit he/she looks for
arripit he/she grabs hold of
repellit he/she drives off
e silva out of the woods
salvae safe
adveniunt they arrive
molestus annoying
semper always
vexat he/she annoys
igitur therefore
amat he/she loves
dormit he/she sleeps
conspicit he/she catches sight of
furtim stealthily
appropinquat he/she approaches
ascendit he/she climbs
magnus big/great
audit he/she hears
videt he/she sees
vox voice
terret he/she frightens
sollicita worried
tum then / at that moment
tu you
nihil nothing
cave be careful / beware
ramus branch
infirmus weak/ shaky
fragor crash noise
cur why?
quis who?
Created by: Blobbernaut