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Africa Physical Geo.

6th grade - alg. AFRICA Chapter 1 SMS

artificially watering crops irrigate
add variety diversify
region of deseart with water and some vegetation oasis
crops grown and sold for money cash crops
people who travel from place to place to find water and food for their herds nomads
type of soil that is good for growing crops fertile
height of land above sea level elevation
steep cliff near the coast escarpment
The way people make a living affects the _________________. economy
___________ interrupt a river's flow and ships can't pass through cataracts
________________ is a major part of Africa's economy. farming
African countries diversify their economy to ______________ themselves during times where the world's economy is uncertain. protect
Africa is called the ______________ continent because it has high elevation plateau
_______________ Desert crosses most of NORTH Africa Sahara
Tall grasses, thorny bushes and scattered trees grow here savanna
Important natural resources in Africa crops, minerals & timber
3 major rivers in Africa Congo, Niger, Zambezi
The ___________ River flows north into the Mederterranian Sea Nile
2 deserts in SOUTH Africa Namib & Kalahari
2 cash crops in Africa coffee & tea
raising crops to support one's family substinence farming
Created by: SimardRR