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Nervous System

In depth processes

Nerves bundle of axons
Neuroglial Cells Specialized cell of nervous system that produces mylin, communicates btwn cells, and maintains the ionic environment.
Cell Body Major part of neuron
Myelin Sheath Fatty material that forms a sheathlike covering around axon.
Central Nervous Sysytem Formed by brain and spinal cord
Axon Nerve fiber that carries info away from cell.
Neurilemma Surronds the myelin sheath, composed of schwann cells.
Neurofibrils fine threads that extend into the axons and support them.
Autonomic Nervous System Motor portion of nervous system, controls subconsious actions (invoulentary)"heart rate"
Nodes of Ranvier Narrow gaps in the mylin sheath btwn schwann cells.
Peripheral Nervous System Composed of Cranial and Spinal nerves
Neurons Nerve cell specialized to react to chemical and physical changes in their surroundings.
Synaptic Cleft Space seperating the end of the axon and surface of another cell.
Chromatophilic Substance Membranous packets that consist of rough endoplasmic reticulum in the cytoplasm.
Nerve Impulses Bioelectric signals sent from the axon.
Dendrites Recieve the input from neurons on a change that took place.
Somatic Nervous System Motor portion of peripheral nervous system. Involved in voulentary activities, such as skeletal muscle contraction.
Schwann Cells Neurogial cells that surround the axon.
Sensory Receptors At ends of peripheral neurons and provide the sensory function of the nervous system. Gathers info by detecting change in and outside of body, monitors external environment.
Synapses small spaces btwn neurons
Neurotransmitters Messenger molecules that carry messages from neuron to neuron.
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