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Land Forms What is a land form? A land form is any unique physical irregularity of the earth's surface.
Natural Features/Landforms Unique irregularities in the earth's surface that are normal. Eg. valleys,plains,hills,beaches,wetland etc.
Natural Phenomena Atmospheric conditions that can be observed and also occur naturally. Eg. clouds,rain,wind,evaporation,snow etc.
Land form creation Tectonic Forces. Leads to the formation of land form by large scale movements in the earth's surface.This causes mountains and valleys to be formed.
Denudation Leads to the formation of land by altering the shape of the land. Coastal cliffs and rivers are formed by denudation.
Deposition Leads to the formation of land form from the material on the surface of the land.Which can form a delta from the sediment carried down by the river.
Some land form features. Island,Peninsula,Cape,Point,Bay,Strait,Beach,Plain,Mountain,Hill,Valley,Swamp,Archipelago,Continent,Ocean,Sea,Lake,Gulf and Isthmus.
What is air pressure? Air pressure is the atmosphere that surrounds the earth is a layer of air made up of a mixture of gases.The air is heavy and presses down on the earth.
Water Cycle The interchange of water between the atmosphere, the land and the ocean.
The Distribution Of Water 97.6%-ocean 1.9%-glaciers 0.5%-ground 0.02%-surface storage 0.0001%-atmosphere
The Processes within the water cycle Accumulation Evaporation Condensation Precipitation Transpiration Surface runoff Sub surface runoff
The Processes in the water cycle [Input]-condensation and precipitation [Transfers]-surface runoff,infiltration,through flow and advection. [Outputs]-transpiration and evaporation [Storage]-underground,swamps,rivers,lakes,ponds,oceans and seas and glaciers.
Rivers A River is a network of channels that carry fresh water from a high point such as a mountain to a low point such as a sea.
Parts of the river Source,Stream,Waterfall,Meander,Tributary,Confluence,Floodplain,Estuary,Mouth,Drainage Basin and Water shed
Transportation of The river Rivers pick up and carry material as they flow down stream. A river may transport material in four different ways:Solution,Suspension,Saltation and Traction.
River features [Upper Course]- Narrow V shaped valleys,Interlocking spurs,Rapids,Waterfalls,Gorges. [Middle Course]-Meanders,River Cliffs and Slip-off Slopes. [Lower Course]-Deltas,Leves,Flood plains.
Natural Hazards Is any event that could cause injury or death to others.
Some natural hazards Hurricanes,Tsunami,Volcanoes,Earthquakes,Flooding etc.
What is a hurricane? A hurricane are tropical cyclones that are strong low pressure cells that spend most of their lives over the oceans.
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