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Stack #59004

Latin: An Intensive Course - Unit 8

ācer, ācris, ācre sharp, keen, fierce
carmen, -inis, N. song, poem, incantation
cīvitās, cīvitātis, F. citizenship; state
diēs, -ēī, M. day
domus, -ūs and -ī, F. house, home
dulcis, -e sweet, pleasant
eō, īre, iī (or īvī), itus go
fēlīx, fēlīcis happy, fortunate
īnfēlīx, -īcis unhappy, unfortunate
fidēs, -eī, F. faith, trust, trustworthiness
fortis, -e strong, brave
frīgidus, -a, -um cold
frūctus, -ūs, M. enjoyment; fruit; profit
frūctuī esse to be (for [the purpose of]) a profit, be an asset to (+ dat.)
fulgeō, -ēre, fulsī, -- flash, shine
gravis, -e heavy, severe, important
iaciō, -ere, iēcī, iactus throw
iactō (1) throw, scatter, shake; boast
ingēns, ingentis huge
īra, -ae, F. wrath, anger
iubeō, -ēre, iussī, iussus order, command (+ inf., not ut clause of indirect command)
lībertās, lībertātis, F. freedom
lītus, lītoris, N. shore, beach
longus, -a, -um long
longē (adv.) far off, at a distance, far and wide
lūx, lūcis, F. light
prīmā lūce at the first light, at daybreak
manus, -ūs, F. hand; band, troop
memor, memoris mindful, remembering (+ gen.)
metus, -ūs, M. fear, dread
mōtus, -ūs, M. motion, movement
nōmen, nōminis, N. name
nūmen, nūminis, N. divinity, divine spirit
ob (prep. + acc.) on account of
quam ob rem on account of which thing, for what reason, why
omnis, -e every, all
opīniō, -ōnis, F. opinion
pectus, -oris, N. heart, breast
prō (prep. + abl.) in front of, for, on behalf of, instead of, in return for
profugus, -a, -um fugitive, banished, exiled
pūblicus, -a, -um public
quaerō, -ere, quaesīvī, quaesītus look for, search for, seek, ask
rēs, reī, F. thing, matter, affair, situation
rēs pūblica state, republic
saevus, -a, -um cruel
sēnsus, -ūs, M. sensation, feeling
speciēs, -ēī, F. appearance
spēs, -eī, F. hope
superus, -a, -um above, upper
superī, -ōrum, M. pl. the gods above
vertex, verticis, M. head, top, summit; whirlpool, whirlwind
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