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12.6 Latin vocab

latin 12.6

cena, -ae dinner
fabula, -ae story
patria, -ae native land, country
pecunia, -ae money
castra, castorum camp
mandatum, -i order, instruction
patruus, patrui uncle
sepulcrum, -i tomb
aurum, -i gold
miles, militis soldier
libertas, libertatis freedom
rex, regis king
ignis, ignis, gen pl. ignium fire
hostis, hostis enemy
multitudo, multitudinis crowd
corpus, corporis body
lux, lucis light
mors, mortis, gen pl. mortium death
mus, muris mouse
medius, -a, -um middle of
malus, -a, -um bad
primus, -a, -um first
invitus, -a, -um unwilling
nocturnus, -a, -um nocturnal
totus, tota, totum all, the whole
immemor, immemoris forgetful
ingens, ingentis huge
numquam never
antea before, previously
heri yesterday
paulisper for a short time
supra above, on top
sero late
ita thus, so, in this way
vigilo, vigilare, vigilavi, vigilatum to stay awake
neco, necare, to kill
apello, apellare, to name
do, dare to give
simulo, simulare to pretend
cogito, cogitare to think
licet, licere it is allowed
admoveo to move toward
emo, emere to buy
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumptum to take (up)
inspicio, inspicere to examine
punio, punire to punish
finio, finire to finish
videtur he, she, it seems
praetor except
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