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Water Review

Review for EOG's

What is an area that drains a river system called? Watershed
What's located between the zone of aeration and the zone of saturation? Water Table
What do we call rock and soil that is deposited by a stream? sediment
What is a deposit of sediment that is formed at the bottom of a hill called? Alluvial fan
What is an area of higher ground between watersheds called? divide
What is the area next to a river that forms when the river floods? floodplain
What is the movement of soil from one place to another called? erosion
Water that flows across the surface would be called __? runoff
What is the process whereby a river lays down materials? deposition
The pathway a stream/river follows is known as its __? channel
What type of pollution occurs from runoff from farm fields? non-point
What is water that is found underground called? groundwater
If water temperature increases, what gas in the water will decrease? oxygen
Which part of the water cycle involves changing liquid water to a gas? evaporation
Which part of the water cycle involves changing water vapor to water? condensation
In which part of the water cycle does water fall to the earth? precipitation
What is it called when water moves through the soil? percolation
What is a method of flood control that involves building up the banks of the river? levee
What is a small stream that flows into a larger river called? Tributary
What are deposits found on the ceilings of caves called? stalactites
What are deposits found on the floor of caves called? stalagmites
What type of river has a wide, flat floodplain and many bends? old river
What type of river is steep and fast flowing? young river
What type of pollution comes from just one source? Point-source pollution
How are rocks that allow water to flow through described? permeable
Created by: anita.parker

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