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stage 13

advenio,advenire,adveni arrive
aedificium building
aeger: aegrum sick,ill
alter:alterum the other, the second
canto,cantare,cantavi sing
ceteri the others, the rest
coniuratio:coniurationem plot
custos: custodem guard
decido,decidere,decidi fall down
dico,dicere,dixi say
excito,excitare,excitavi arouse,wake up
fessus tired
horreum barn, granary
interficio,interficere,interfeci kill
ita vero yes
nolo,nolle,nolui do no want,refuse
novus new
nullus not any, no
numero, numerare, numeravi count
ordo: ordinem row
possum,posse,potui can, be able
retineo,retinere,retinui keep
ruo,ruere,rui rush
se himself,herself,themselves
sum,esse,fui be
traho,trahere,traxi drag
vita life
volo,velle,volui want
vulnero,vulnerare,vulneravi wound
volo i want
vis you want
vult she/he wants
volumus we want
vultis you want
volunt they want
possum i am able
potes you are able
potest s/he is able
possumus we are able
potestis you are able
possunt they are able
nolo I do not want
non vis you do not want
non vult s/he does not want
nolumus we do not want
non vultis you do not want
nolunt they do not want
Created by: rainbowmonkey



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