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What is white light? A combination of several different wavelengths of light traveling together.
What is a prism? A triangular shaped piece of cut and polished glass
What is a band of colors called? A spectrum
How does a rainbow occur? Water droplets act as both mirrors and prisms. The drops bend rays of sunlight at different angles, causing the colors to spread out.
What are the colors of the visible spectrum? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and violet ROYGBIV
Which color has the longest wavelength? Red
Which color has the shortest wavelength? Violet
Which travels faster, light or sound? Light
Where can light travel the fastest and why? Outer space because there is nothing to get in the way
How long does it take for light to reach Earth 8 1/2 minutes to travel 93 million miles
Light travels in straight paths called rays
What does sound need that light does not? A medium to travel through
What does reflected mean? To bounce off
What does refraction mean? To bend
What does it mean to be transmitted? To pass through the object
What does it mean to be absorbed? To be taken in as heat
What are lenses? Pieces of transparent material with curved surfaces that use the refraction (Bending) of light to make images.
Convex lens curve outward, form images by refracting light rays together.
Concave lens Curve inward and form images by refracting light rays apart
Common optical tools eyeglasses, flashlights, cameras, binoculars, and microscopes
Opaque Materials completely block light from passing through
Transparent Materials allow light to pass through with little or no disturbance
Translucent Allow only part of the light to pass through, while bouncing the rays off in many directions giving only a blurry view
When you see a red sweater, you see red because it is absorbing the other colors and reflecting red
Black objects do what? They absorbe all of the visible frequencies(color), so our eyes see no color- we see black
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