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Renaissances ll

The movement of Renaissance Italy was what? Humanism
What does Leonardo Da Vinci do? He’s a scientist, inventor, and an artist
Who was Leonardo da Vinci? Greatest painter of the Italian Renaissance
What did Leonardo love? He loved animals and despised the war
What did Leonardo develop? Unique new attitude about machines
During the renaissance, what did European artists begin to study? The model of nature
During the Renaissance, what did Leonardo da Vinci get trained for? To be a painter
Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
What is the renaissance? Widespread change in culture that took place in Europe
When did the renaissance beginning? Beginning in the 1300
Where did the renaissance begin? In Italy
What is humanism? An interest in the classics
What is a movable type? Individual letters and marks that can be arranged and rearranged quickly
What did Gutenberg develop? Printing press and a machine that used moveable type to print pages
Who wrote Utopia? Sir Thomas More
Who was England’s best-known poet? William Shakespeare
What is indulgence? An official pardon for a sin given by the people in return for money
What is salvation? To go to heaven, in religious terms
What is reformation? Term used to describe Luther’s break with the church and the movement it inspired
What is a protestant? Refers to Christian groups that separated from the catholic church
Most powerful Italian cities became what? They became independent city-states
Reformation’s movement continued into what year? In the 1520s
Who was john Tetzel? He sold indulgences
What are theses? They are arguments
Because they couldn’t punish Luther what did the church do? They declared him an outlaw
Why were Germans attracted to Luther’s teachings? They declared them equals
Why did henry the VII want to divorce his wife? He only had one kid left and it was a girl
Who was the catholic church straighten by? Paul the III
Whose efforts were helped build church strength? The Jesuits
What is Plague? A disease coming from rats or rodents.
Created by: SS7-4