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Latin Vocabulary

Stage One Stage One
Atrium Atrium, Reception Hall
Canis Dog
Coquus Cook
Cubiculum Bedroom
Culina Kitchen
Est Is
Filius Son
Hortus Garden
In In, On
Laborat Works, Is Working
Mater Mother
Pater Father
Sedet Sits, Is Sitting
Servus Slave
Tablinum Study
Triclinium Dining Room
Via Street
Stage Two Stage Two
Amicus Friend
Ancilla Slave-Girl, Slave-Woman
Cen Dinner
Cibus Food
Dominus Master
Dormit Sleeps
Gustat Tastes
Intrat Enters
Laetus Happy
Laudat Praises
Mensa Table
Mercator Merchant
Quoque Also, Too
Salutat Greets
Toga Toga
Tunica Tunic
Stage Three Stage Three
Ad To
Bibit Drinks
Circumspectat Looks Around
Clamat Shouts
Ecce! See! Look!
Et And
Exit Goes Out
Exspectat Waits For
Forum Forum, Business Center
Ianua Door
Iratus Angry
Leo Lion
Magnus Big, Large, Great
Navis Ship
Non Not
Portat Carries
Respondet Replies
Ridet Laughs, Smiles
Salve! Hello!
Surgit Gets Up, Rises
Taberna Store, Shop, Inn
Videt Sees
Villa House
Vinum Wine
Stage Four Stage Four
Agit Does
Negotium Agit Does Business, Works
Anulus Ring
Cera Wax, Wax Tablet
Coquit Cooks
Cur? Why?
E, Ex Out of, From
Ego I
Eheu! Alas! Oh Dear!
Habet Has
Inquit Says
Iudex Judge
Mendax Liar
Pecunia Money
Perterritus Terrified
Poeta Poet
Quaerit Searches For, Looks For
Quis? Who?
Reddit Gives Back
Satis Enough
Sed But
Signum Sign, Seal, Signal
Tu You
Vendit Sells
Vocat Calls
Stage Five Stage Five
Adest Is Here
Adsunt Are Here
Agricola Farmer
Ambulat Walks
Audit Hears, Listens To
Clamor Shout, Uproar
Contendit Hurries
Currit Runs
Euge! Hurrah!
Fabula Play, Story
Fabulam Agit Acts In A Play
Femina Woman
Hodie Today
Iuvenis Young Man
Meus My, Mine
Multus Much
Multi Many
Optimus Very Good, Excellent, Best
Petit Heads For, Attacks, Seeks
Plaudit Applauds, Claps
Puella Girl
Senex Old Man
Spectat Looks At, Watches
Stat Stands
Turba Crowd
Ubi? Where?
Urbs City
Venit Comes
Stage Six Stage Six
Abest Is Out, Is Absent
Aberat Was Out, Was Absent
Avarus Miser
Bonus Good
Emit Buys
Erat Was
Ferociter Fiercely
Festinat Hurries
Fortis Brave, Strong
Fur Thief
Infans Baby, Child
Intente Intently
Libertus Freedman, Ex-Slave
Olim Once, Some Time Ago
Parvus Small, Little
Per Through
Postquam After, When
Pulsat Hits, Punches, Whacks
Quod Because
Res Thing
Scribit Writes
Subito Suddenly
Superat Overcomes, Overpowers
Tum Then
Tuus Your, Yours
Vituperat Finds Falut With, Tells Off, Curses
Stage Seven Stage Seven
Cenat: Cenavit Eats Dinner, Dines
Centureio Centurion
Conspicit: Conspexit Catches sight of
Cum With
Facit: Fecit Makes, Does
Heri Yesterday
Ingens Huge
Intellegit: Intellexit Understands
Lacrimat: Lacrimavit Cries, Weeps
Mortuus Dead
Narrat: Narravit Tells, Relates
Necat: Necavit Kills
Nihil Nothing
Omnis All
Parat: Paravit Prepares
Pestis Pest, Rascal
Poculum Cup (Often For Wine)
Procedit: Processit Advances, Proceeds
Prope Near
Pulcher Beautiful, Handsome
Rogat: Rogavit Asks
Tacite Quietly, Silently
Tamen However
Terret: Terruit Frightens
Umbra Ghost, Shadow
Valde Very Much, Very
Stage Eight Stage Eight
Agitat: Agitavit Chases, Hunts
Consumit: Consumpsit Eats
Ducit: Duxit Leads
Eum Him
Facile Easily
Ferox Fierce, Ferocious
Gladius Sword
Habitat: Habitavit Lives
Hic This
Ignavus Cowarly (also Lazy in other contexts)
Incitat: Incitavit Urges On, Encourages
Nuntius Messenger
Pes Foot, Paw
Porta Gate
Postulat: Postulavit Demands
Puer Boy
Pugnat: Pugnavit Fights
Recumbit: Recubuit Lies Down, Reclines
Saepe Often
Sanguis Blood
Silva Woods, Forest
Spectaculum Show, Spectacle
Statim At Once
Totus Whole
Stage Nine Stage Nine
Agnoscit: Agnovit Recognizes
Celebrat: Celebravit Celebrates
Celeriter Quickly
Civis Citizen
Cupit: Cupivit Wants
Dat: Dedit Gives
Dies Day
Dies Natalis Birthday
Emittit: Emisit Throws, Sends Out
Exercet: Exercuit Exercises
Fert: Tulit Brings, Carries
Homo Person, Man
Hospes Guest
Ille That
Inspicit: Inspexit Looks At, Inspeccts, Examines
Iterum Again
Manet: Manset Remains, Stays
Medius Middle
Mox Soon
Notus Well-Known, Famous
Offert: Obtulit Offers
Ostendit: Ostendit Shows
Paulisper For A Short Time
Post After
Revenit: Revenit Comes Back, Returns
Suus His
Tradit: Tradidit Hands Over
Stage Ten Stage Ten
Abit: Abiit Goes Away
Accipit: Accepit Accepts, Receives
Callidus Clever, Smart
Capit: Cepit Takes
Contentus Satisfied
Exclamat: Exclamavit Exclaims
Frater Brother
Imperium Empire
Inimicus Enemy
Invenit: Invenit Finds
It: Iit Goes
Liber Book
Nos We
Nuntiat: Nuntiavit Announces
Pax Peace
Portus Harbor
Quam Than, How
Semper Always
Sententia Opinion
Servat: Servavit Saves, Protects
Solus Alone, Lonely
Tacet: Tacuit Is Silent, Is Quiet
Uxor Wife
Vehementer Violently, Loudly
Vos You (Plural)
Stage Eleven Stage Eleven
Convenit: Convenit Gathers, Meets
Credit: Credidit (+ DAT) Trusts, Believes, Has Faith In
De Down From; About
Favet: Favit (+ DA) Favors, Supports
Gens Family
Invitat: Invitavit Invites
Legit: Legit Reads
Liberalis Generous
Minime! No!
Murus Wall
Noster Our
Nunc Now
Placet: Placuit (+ DAT) It Pleases, Suits
Prium First
Promittit: Promisit Promises
Pugna Fight
Rapit: Rapuit Seizes, Grabs
Secundus Second
Senator Senator
Sollicitus Worried, Anxious
Stultus Stupid
Tertius Third
Utilis Useful
Vale! Good-Bye!
Verberat: Verberavvit Strikes, Beats
Vir Man
Stage Twelve Stage Twelve
Amittit: Amisit Loses
Cinis Ash
Complet: Complevit Fills
Custodit: Custodivit Guards
Densus Thick
Epistula Letter
Flamma Flame
Fortiter Bravely
Frustra In Vain
Fugit: Fugit Runs Away, Flees
Fundus Farm
Iacet: Iacuit Lies
Iam Now
Igitur Therefore
Incidit: Incidit Falls
Mirabilis Marvelous, Strange, Wonderful
Mittit: Misit Sends
Mons Mountain
Nubes Cloud
Optime Very Well
Paene Nearly, Almost
Sentit: Sensit Feels
Tandem At Last
Templum Temple
Terra Ground, Land
Timet: Timuit Is Afraid, Fears
Unus One
Duo Two
Tres Three
Other Words (Perfect) Other Words (Imperfect)
Sum I Am
Es You (Singular) Are
Est She/He/It Is
Sumus We Are
Estis You (Plural) Are
Sunt They Are
Eram I Was
Eras You (Singular) Were
Erat She/He/It Was
Eramus We Were
Eratis You (Plural) Were
Erant They Were
Stage 13 Stage 13
advenio, advenire, adveni arrive
aedificium building
aeger: aegrum sick ill
alter: alterum the other, the second
canto, cantare, cantavi sing
ceteri the others, the rest
coniuratio : coniurationem plot
custos: custodem guard
decido, decidere, decidi fall down
dico, dicere, dixi say
excito, excitare, excitavi arouse, wake up
fessus tired
horreum barn, granary
interficio, interficere, interfeci kill
iita vero yes
nolo, nolle, nolui do not want, refuse
novus new
nullus not any, no
numero, numerare, numeravi count
ordo: ordinem row
possum, posse, potui can, be able
retineo, retinare, retinui eep
ruo, ruere, rui rush
se himself, herself, themselves
sum, esse, fui be
traho, trahere, trzxi drage
vita life
volo, velle, volui want
vulnero, vulnerare, vulneravi wound
aliquid something
apud among, at the house of
attonitus astonished
aula palace
cotidie every day
decorus right, proper
deleo, delere, delevi destroy
deus [dei, di (nom. pl.)] god
difficilis difficult
diligenter carefully
domina mistress
donum presnt, figt
familiaris: familiarem relative, relation
fidelis faithful, loyal
ipse, ipsa himself, herself
iste that
lavo, lavare, lavi wash
maritus husband
necesse necessary
nobilis: nobilem noble
num? surely...not?
quam how
quamquam although
-que and
rex: regem king
ubi when
alis, alia, aliud other, another
aqua, f. water
claudo, claudere, clausi shut, block
commodus, commoda, commodum convenient
debeo, debere, debui owe, ought
effigies: effigiem, f. image, statue
equus, m. horse
etiam even
fractus, fracta, fractum broken
impedio, impedire, impedivi delay, hinder
lectus, m. couch
lente slowly
mare, n. sea
miser, misera, miserum miserable, wretched
nauta, m. sailor
plaustrum, n. wagon, cart
praesum. praeesse, praefui (+ DAT) be in charge of
princepts: principem, m. chief, chieftain
qui, quae,, quod who, which
redeo, redire, redii return, go back
sacerdos: sacerdotem, m. priest
saxum, n. rock
teneo, tenere, tenui hold
unda, f. wave
vinco, vincere, vici win
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