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Principles-ATI 47-51

Medication Administration

What is a meds chemical name? medication is named by its chemical composition
What is a meds generic name? official or non proprietary name that is given by the US
What is a meds trade name? brands or proprietary name that is given by the company that manufacturers the med, multiple trade names
Uncontrolled substances require monitoring by? a provider
Uncontrolled substances do not pose a risk for? addiction
controlled substances have a potential for? abuse
Catagory A for meds during preg are? safe
Catogory X for meds during preg are? dangerous
Meds are organized according to? pharmacologic action, therapeutic use, body system, chemical makeup, and safe use during preg.
What is mechanism of action? how the med produces the desired therapeutic effect
What is therapeutic effect? preferred and expected effect for which the med is administered
What does a routine prescription identify? meds that are given on a regular schedule
What is a single one time prescription? once at a specific time or as soon as possible
What is a stat prescription? only given once, and given now
What is a standing prescription? written for specific circumstances or for specific units
A prescription includes? Clients name, date and time, name of med, dose of med, route of med, time and freq. to take, and sig. by provider
When taking a telephone prescription try to have? a second nurse listen on an extension
With multiple tablets or vials you should? question it
Only give medications that are? personally prepared
1 mg = 1,000 mcg
1 g = 1,000 mg
1 kg = 1,000 g
1 0z = 30 ml
1 L = 1,000 ml
1 tsp = 5 ml
1 tbsp = 15 ml
1 tbsp = 3 tsp
1 kg = 2.2 lbs
1 gr = 60 mg
IV flow rates must be calculated for? electronic IV pumps or manual infusions
IV pumps are set in whole? ml/hr
Manual IV is based on? ggt/min
Dimensional analysis is a method of calculation in which? a series of ratios or factors, organized in the form of fractions are multiplied
IV therapy involves? administering fluids via an IV catheter
Advantages of IV therapy are? fast absorption, less discomfort, constant therapeutic blood levels, less irritation
What are the disadvantages of IV therapy? fluid overload is possible, immediate absorption leaves no time to correct errors, irritation, infection
IV access can be via a? peripheral or central vein
Do not write on IV bags with? pens or markers
Fluids should not hang more than? 24 hrs
16 gauge for truama clients for? rapid fluid volume
18 gauge for surgical clients for? reapid blood administration
22-24 gauge for ? all other clients
What are signs of infiltration? pallor, local swelling, low skin temp around the site, damp dressing, slowed infusion
What are signs of phlebitis? edema, throbbing, burning, pain, red line up the arm, slowed infusion
What are signs of hematoma? ecchymosis at site
What do you do for phlebitis? stop, elevate, warm compress, restart dif. spot
What do you do for hematoma? do not appy alcohol, pressure, warm compress
What are signs of cellulitis? pain, warm, edema, induration, red streaking, fever, chills, and malaise
What do you do for cellulitis? stop, elevate, warm compress, specimen for culture, administer antibiotics, analgesics, and antipyrectics
What are sings of fluid overload? distended neck veins, increase blood pressure, tachycardia, short breath, crackels in lungs, edema
What do you do for fluid overload? stop, raise HOB, VS, Adjust rate, administer diuretics
What are signs of catheter embolus? missing catheter tip, severe pain
What do you do for catheter embolus? place the tourniquet high on the extremity, prepare for removal under x ray
CNS stimulation causes a risk for? seizures
NSAIDS cause? GI upset
Category A: no risk to fetus
Category B: no evidence in animal fetus
Category C: AE in animals
Category D: AE in human
Category X: AE in animal and human
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Created by: alicia.rennaker