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6SCI Solar System-1

Chapter 11 - A Family of Planets

What are the four, rocky planets known as? terrestrial planets
What are the four outer planets, composed mostly of gases, known as? gas giants
A day on Mercury is about how many Earth days? about 60
How many Mercury years are equal to one Earth year? 4
Where do scientists think the water on Mars is now? Under the planet's surface
What are the famous rings of Saturn made of? icy particles
What gives the rings of Saturn their different colors? different chemicals
What is another name for the moon? Luna
What are natural or artificial bodies that revolve around larger bodies such as planets called? satellites
What do some scientists think the two moons of Mars actually are? asteroids that got caught by Mar's gravity
What is the name of the mission that went to Mars? the Pathfinder Mission
What was the little rover that gave us the up close pictures of Mars? Sojourner
What was the name given to th people who used to worship the moon? lunatics
What does the word "planet" come from? the Greek word "wanderers"
Created by: ndmsteach