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Microbiology quiz3

rscc ripp quiz 3 chap 11-

transcription The process by which RNA is made from a DNA template. It does not require a primer:template junction.
pyrimidines thymine and cytosine
purines adenine and guanine
What are the three different forms of RNA? Messenger RNA (mRNA) – contains information derived from DNA Transfer RNA (tRNA) – carries amino acids to ribosomes Ribosomal RNA (rRNA) – helps maintain the proper shape of ribosomes.
Describe the basic structure of DNA helical the two strands are complementary and wind around each other bases are purines and pyrimidines It is composed of nucleotides a phosphate, deoxyribose, and a nucleotide base. The strands are anti-parallel 5 to 3 the other 3 to 5
What nucleotide based pair with each other in DNA? adenine pairs with thymine Cytosine pairs with quanine
gene A gene is a segment of DNA that codes for a functional product (for example, a protein).
Why is the genetic code said to be degenerate? some codons code for the same amino acid, and we say that the genetic code is degenerate (or it is redundant).
Where does DNA replication start? A portion of the DNA is paired with a short piece of RNA called a primer to start replication.
What is a coden There are 64 codons and 20 amino acids. Therefore,
Describe the basic structure of RNA. How does it differ from DNA? It contains the sugar ribose (rather than deoxyribose). It contains uracil instead of thymine. Uracil pairs up with adenine. It is usually found in single-stranded form.
Created by: janice1