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Storms and Climate

MacMillan D3&4

blizzard that occurs when snow is no longer falling ground blizzard
rainstorm with thunder and lightning thunderstorm
snowstorm with winds of 35 miles per hour and visibility of 1/4 mile blizzard
tropical storm with wind speeds reaching more than 73 miles per hour hurricane
zero visibility caused by heavy snowfall combined with strong updrafts and downdrafts whiteout
bulge of water in the ocean, caused by hurricane winds storm surge
any storm with a low pressure closure that causes the formation of a circular pattern of winds cyclone
rotating funnel-shaped cloud with winds that blow up to 299 miles per hour tornado
tornadoes begin to form inside of thunderheads
weather instrument that takes pictures of the atmosphere from space satellite
one who studies and predicts weather and weather patterns meteorologist
weather instrument that tracks the speed and direction of winds and rain by measuring changes in the motion of an object moving towards or away from a radar detector Doppler radar
most important factor in determining climate latitude
climate that is warm year-round and rainy at least part of the year tropical
climate with warm summers and cold winters temperate
climate with short, warm summers and long, cold winters polar
average weather of a place climate
wetter side of a mountain windward
the warm current that flows across the Atlantic toward Europe Gulf Stream
the constant movement of ocean water current
the burning of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and gradually increasing global temperatures global warming
Cold water in the Pacific sinks causing warmer water temperatures and a change in air pressure resulting in wind direction reversal, heavy rains, and storms El Nino
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