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maternal nursing

materal/child heath nursing chapter 17,18,19 fill in the blanks

stabilized infants should be _______ before departing for the NICU
Neonatal transport team __________ usually consists of a Pediatrician or a neonatal nurse practitioner, a resp. therapist, and one or more NICU nurses.
Neonatal complication Mothers that have the following risk factors; lack of prenatal care, medical illnesses IE; diabetes, cardiac or renal disease, infection, alcoholism, or drug addiction may have________.
12 hrs. small infants with fluid balance problems are weighted every ______
140 to 160 ml/kg premature infants has increased insensible water losses and my require ________ every 24 hrs.
Endotracheal _________ tubes must be suctioned to prevent airway occlusion and atelectasis and minimize the risk of respiratory infections.
meconium staining of the amniotic fluid with _______ may indicate intrauterine distress.
1 to 2 minutes percussion of vibration should be done for ___________.
1 to 1 ideal nursing - client ration is _______.
respiratory distess syndrone the most common problem in the NICU is ________
safety All children and Familys should be instructed in _________.
Syrup of Ipecac The most effective way of inducing vomiting in a child who has ingested poison is by addministering __________.
Injuries the #1 cause of all disease, disability and death amoung children ________.
Automobile #1 accident resulting in death for children is________.
TIPP The AAP initiated _______ which is considered one of the most useful and practical approaches to preventing injuries in children.
Poisening 90% of _______accidents occurs in the home.
Charcoal _________ is the most powerful physical antedote for poison.
football, cradling, lying down, across the lap The four common breastfeeding positions are _______
five hundred A breastfeeding woman needs __________ more calories per day than a nonpregnant woman.
Breastfeeding ________ is the most universally recommended way of providing an infant with nourishment.
Vitamin K _______ is especially important for newborns who suffer from hemorrhagic disease, who had complicated deliveries, or who are premature
comfort and support ______ are two reasons the head must be held on a baby.
polycythemia _______is an abnormally increased number of erythrocytes that can be caused by a large amount of placental blood being transferred to the neonate at birth?
hypoglycemia ______ is an abnormally low concentration of glucose in the blood.
evaporation, convection, conduction, and radiation ____,_______,______,______ are four mechanisms of heat loss
Preterm ______ , refers to the infant born before the end of the thirty-sevent week of gestation.
neonatal Intensive care unit NICU stands for ______.
Hypoglycemia fluid and electrolyte abnormalities, including _______ are common with a stressed infant that is at fisk for a variety of complications related to altered physiologic functioning.
Congenital Hypothyroidism Inadequate production of thyroid hormons may be do to ______.
Phenylketonuria _________ results from a dificiency of the enzyme phenylalanine dehydrogenase.
Galactosemia ________ is a rare inherited disorder of carbohydtate metabolism.
Hydrocephalus ______ is a condition caused by an imbalance in the production and absorption of CSF in the ventricular system.
Spina Bifida _________ is a term used to describe the more common congenital neural tube defects.
Down syndrome _______ is the most common chromosomal abnormality accuring in one in eight hundred live births.
Craniosynostosis _______is the premature closing of the sutures of the skull.
Anencephaly _________ Baby born without a developing brain and lacking the typical cranial covering.
Cleft Palate _______May constitute a lack of fusion of only part of the hard or soft palate, or may extend along the entire roof of the mouth.
TEF _____ Represents an open connection between the trachea and the esophagus. (abbr.)
Imperforate ____ anus is when an infant’s rectum ends as a closed or blind pouch or connects to an adjacent canal by means of a fistula.
hernia Oomphalocele and Gastroschisis are both an example of an abdominal _________.
antibodies Rh factor is a group of related protein antigens that may be capable of causing the formation of dangerous _______.
thigh, abduction, femur 3 things the assessing nurse would find in Congenital Dislocation of the Hip are: 1) asymmetry of the ______ folds, 2) limited _______ of the affected hip, 3) and shortening of the _____ when knees and hips are flexed and abducted.
Created by: padie
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