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Heisig Japanese #7

Frames 300 - 352

300 冗 superfluous
301 軍 army
302 輝 radiance
303 運 carry
304 冠 crown
305 夢 dream
306 坑 pit
307 高 tall
308 享 receive
309 塾 cram school (private school for after school learning)
310 熟 mellow
311 亭 pavilion (restaurant)
312 京 capital
313 涼 refreshing
314 景 scenery
315 鯨 whale
316 舎 cottage
317 周 circumference
318 週 week
319 士 gentleman, samurai
320 吉 good luck
321 壮 robust
322 荘 villa
323 売 sell
324 学 study
325 覚 memorize
326 栄 flourish
327 書 write
328 津 haven, harbor
329 牧 breed
330 攻 agression, attack
331 敗 failure
332 枚 sheet of ...
333 故 happenstance
334 敬 awe, respect
335 言 say
336 警 admonish
337 計 plot
338 獄 prison
339 訂 revise
340 討 chastise
341 訓 instruction
342 詔 imperial edict
343 詰 packed
344 話 tale
345 詠 recitation
346 詩 poem
347 語 word
348 読 read
349 調 tune
350 談 discuss
351 諾 consent
352 詰 rebuke
Created by: jesusrvillarreal