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anatomy quiz 5

origions & insertions

rhomoid minor O: S.P C7-T1 I: Vertebral/medial border of scapula
rhomoid major O: S.P T2-T5 I: Vertebral/medial border of scapula
levator scapula O: T.P C1-C4 I: Superior angle of scapula
trapizeus O: external occipital protuberance/ S.P C7-T12 I: lateral 1/3 clavicle acromoin process spine of scapula
serratus anterior O: ribs 1-8 or 9 I: anterior surface of the medial (vertebral) border of scapula
pectoralis minor O: ribs 3-5 I: corocoid process
pectoralis major O: clavicular head: medial 1/2 clavicle sternal head/ costal cartilage ribs 1-6 I:B.G of humerus
teres major O: inferior 1/3 axillary/lateral border of scapula I: B.G
teres minor O: superior 1/2 of lateral/axillary border of scapula I: greater tubercle
latissimus dorsi O: thoracolumbar aponeurosis, posterior iliac crest ribs 12-9/ S.P T12-T7 I: B.G
shoulder cap deltoids O: lateral 1/3 clavicle acromoin process spine of scapula I: deltoid tuberosity
supraspinatus O: supraspinatus I: greater tubercle
infraspinatus O: infraspinatus I: greater tubercle
subscapularis O: subscapularis fossa I: lesser tubercle
biceps brachii O: LONG HEAD: supraglenoid tubercle SHORT HEAD: coracoid process I: radial tuberosity/ biceps aponeurosis
brachialis O: distal 1/2 humerus, just inferior to deltoid tuberosity I: tuberosity & coranoid process of ulna
coracobrachialis O: coracoid process I: medial mid/humeral shaft just anterior to deltoid tuberosity
triceps brachii O: LONG HEAD: infraglenoid tubercle LATERAL HEAD: posterior/proximal 1/2 humerus MEDIAL HEAD: posterior/distal 1/2 humerus I: olecranon process
subclavius O: 1st rib & cartilage I: inferior & lateral clavicle
sartorius: *longest muscle in the body *crosses 2 joints *forms lateral border of femoral (artery) triangle O: anterior superior iliac spine I: pes anserine *1 of 3
rectus femoris *only quad that crosses 2 joints (knee & hip) O: Anterior inferior iliac spine I: Tibial Tuberosity
vastus lateralis O: Lateral lip of Linea Aspera I: Tibial Tuberosity
Vastus medialis *forms shape of a tear drop *vastos medialis oblique O: medial lip of Linea Aspera I: Tibial Tuberosity
Vastus intermedius O: Anterior and lateral shaft of femoral I: Tibial Tuberosity
Biceps Femoris *2 heads *Latera hamstring O: Long- Ischial Tuberosity Short- Lateral lip of Linea Aspera I: Head of Fibula
Semitendinosus *most superficial O: Ischial Tuberosity I: Pes Anserine *2 of 3
semimembranosus O: Ischial Tuberosity I: Medial Condyle of Tibia
Tensor Fascia Latae *charleston muscle O: Anterior iliac crest I: IT band^Tibial Tuberosity
gastrocnemius -belly of leg -2heads croses 2 joints O: lateral & medial condyle of femur I: calcaneus/achillies
soleus -2nd heart -sole fish O: soleal line I: calceneus/achillies
palntaris -crosses 2joints -longest tendon in the body -disapering O:lateral condyle of femur I: calcaneus
Created by: jesmaria