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9wks test


what the passage is mostly about main idea
the one thing that isn't stated directly implied main idea
bouncing; nodding, moving up and down in place bobbing
help to explain the main idea supporting details
having or made up of twists curly
morally bad or wrong evil
normal every day regular
the police station in a city or town precinct
in the order that events happen in time sequential order
hit or struck with a fist or closed hand punched
puffy, expanded to a larger than normal size swollen
first there is a problem, then the author presents the solution to the problem problem/solution
first something happens, then something else happens because of it simple cause/effect
in the order of what is most important order of importance
in order of what things look or feel like descriptions
very thin, lean, extremely slender, lacking bulk skinny
a small stairway leading to a doorway stoop
in order of how things are alike and different compare/contrast
in the order that events happen in time sequential order
in order of steps necessary to do something as in directions procedure
Created by: jonathancole.bms