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World Geo. 9 weeks

The middle East was the birthplace of what types of activites created valueable farming techniques, reading && writing, city life (urban)
What does USSR stand for? Union Soviet Socialist Republics
How man tribal goups make up Africa's culture? 2,000
The part of Russia located East of the Ural Mts. is known as what? Sibera
Who waas the first leader of the Soviet Union? Vlagmir Lenin
Each of the following religions refer to their gods as..Judasim, Christianity, Islam Judaism- Adonai, Christinity- Yahwea, Islam- Allah
What is another term that refers to southwest Asia? Middle East
What is the main religion of Central Asia Islam
In what country is the cyrillic alphabet used? Russia
The ural Mts. creates the dividing line between which two continents? Europe && Asia
What process is used in Southwest Asia in order to grow crops, and what valuable reasource is used in this process? Eirgation in order to grow crops; reasourse is water
What were some of the effects that colonilism had on Africa? Hotel Rwanda between the Hutu and Tutis. Ethinic Tention
What was the 6-day war? Isreali army captured the old city of Jerusalem, from the Jordanian army.
what are the differences between a Communist country and a capitalistic country? Communist- the government controls & runs everything Capitalistic- people makes decision, people run everything
the intentional destruction of a people genocide
group of people traveling together for protection caravan
Russain country home dachas
parasite from contaminated water Guninea Worm Desease
transmitted by infected mosquito Malaria
ancient Egyptian monarchs pharaohs
dutch, french, and german settlers and their descendants in South African africaners
african fly carryinga human disease called sleeping sickness tsetse fly
official policies that forced black South Africans to live in separate aresa and use separate facilities from white South Africans Aparthied
spenalties intended to force a country to change its policies sanctions
pictures and symbols used in the ancient Egyptian writing system hieroglyphs
moveable, round houses of wool felt mats in Central Asia yurts
network of prison labor camps in the Soviet Union gulag
a communist group that overthrew the government during the Russian Revolution in 1917 bolsheviks
title of the emperor of russia before the Russian Revolution czars
people who move often from place to place nomads
poor peasant farmers in Russia who worked for lords and bound to the land serfs
the landmass of Europe and Asia combined eurasia
a forest mainly evergreen trees that covers half of Russia Taiga
a zone of frequent boundary changes and conflicts, often located between major powers shatter belt
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