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an electric current is? a flow of electrons
what electric current can be used in electrotherapy? high frequency currents of high voltage
examples of solid conductors are metals
liquid conductors are fluids in which ions are present, body fluids and alkali
what gas can conduct electric current? neon
examples of insulators are plastics,rubber
the strength of an electric current is measured by wattage
in an electrical circuit, if the voltage is doubled and the resistance halved, the intensity of the current is is increased four times
the unit of current strength is ampere
the unit of current pressure is volt
the unit of electrical resistance is ohm
the unit of electrical power is watt
the current with a constant strength used in beauty therapy is called galvanic
a so-called "faradic type current" is an interpreted galvanic current
the current that is used to tone muscles is called faradic
a so- called "faradic type current" is different from s galvanic current in beauty therapy because it is more effective for training muscles
a galvanic current is different from a so-called "faradic type current" in beauty therapy because it is more effective for iontophoresis
what machine for treatments in beauty therapy supplies galvanic current a machine for iontophoresis
what beauty treatments in beauty therapy is galvanic current usedq intophoresis
what treatments in beauty thrapy is galvanic current used inotophoresis and electric desincrustation
the meaning of iontophoresis to force cosmetic ingredients deeper into the skin
the meaning of desincrustation to remove substances from the skins surface
desincrustation to remove substances from the surface of the skin is done with a galvanic machine and cathode as the active electrode
the effect of desincrustation on sebum is a saponification process caused by galvanic current
a machine for ionophoresis is most likely to contain a rectifier and transformer
the electrical device that changes alternating current into direct current is a rectifier
the function of a rectifier is to change an alternating current into galvanic current
when do the electrodes in electrotherapy have to be moistened or to be applied on a moistened skin in iontophoresis and not short wave diathermy
what can occur if a galvanic electrode is not applied to the skin with a regular pressure all over the surface of the electrode on the spot of the highest pressure skin burning can occur
the electrical device that changes voltage is called a transformer
the function of a transformer is to change the voltage of an alternating current to a diffferent voltage
a fuse is an electrical apparatus is the weakest part of the electrical circuit
a fuse is and electrical device that protects apparatus or circuits from overloading
the saftey protection that should be observed in a beauty salon when using electrical appliances are the responsibility of the employer of the salon
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