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Anatomy Joints

Lesson 1

Looking up at the ceiling is___________ of the neck. hyperextension
turning you hand down from the anatomical to palm-down is___________ pronation
another names for an ellipsolidal joint is __________ condyloid
joints that permit movement in three planes ____ triaxial
the fibrous joint between the root of the tooth and alveloar process _________ gomphosis
the cartilage at the ends of the bones is _______ articular
All synovial joint have a ______ joint cavity
A tear in __________ ligament makes the knee nonfunctional ACL
Tough cords of dense white fivrous connective tissue that joins bones are________ ligaments
An increase in angle between bones is __ extension
Describing a cone with your outstretched arm ____ circumduction
A movement away from the the midline is _____ abduction
the symptom of all types of arthritis is _______ of the joints inflammation
The most common type of arthritis ____ osteoarthritis
the extension of the periosteum of articulationg bone forms a sleeve around the joint known as joint capsule
joints are also called Articulation
another name for the hip joint is femeroacetabular
the type of arthritis that causes the most damage to joints is __ rheumatoid
the space between tho articulating bones is ____ joint cavity
the joint between the growing bone and epiphyseal plate is called synchondrosis (cohn- means cartilage)
Created by: Stephenie