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cells (5th grade)

Practice for a science test on cells

What is a theory? accepted belief based on data collected, but can not be proven
Theories are based on what three things? many expiriments and observations,original results observed by other people,must stand up to new research and observations
Who was the first person to describe cells? Robert Hooke (1665)
What is the definition for Biology? The study of living things (humans and animals)
What is the definition for botany? the study of plants
Which type of cell has chloraplasts? Plant cells
What does plants do during celluar resperation? Plants store energy
scientific theory explains what? It explains patterns in nature
What is the cell theory *All living things are made of cells *cells give living things structure *cells do jobs to keep the living thing alive and healthy *all new cells come from other cells
What are the 4 basic parts of an animal cell and plant cell? cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm,mitochondrion
what is cytoplasm? *gell like substance *stores wastes *allows stuff to move along over in the cell
what is a cell membrane? *surrounds the cell *controlls what moves in the cell *controlls what moves out
What are organelles? other tiny structures found in the cell with their own job
What cell wall's job? (being a doctor,JK) it supports and protects a cell wall
What are chloroplasts? help's cells to make food using sun's energy
Where is chlorophyll found? inside a chloraplast
what is chlorophyll? a chemical that gives plant its green color
What does photo mean in photosynthesis? light
what does synthesis mean in photosythesis? put together (make)
What is the definition of photosythesis? a plant makes its own food using light energy
what does a plant need to carry out photosynthesis? *CO2*sunlight(light energy)*water *chlorophyll
what are a plants main products? Oxygen,sugar,starch
BONOUS QUESTION:What are all the plant cells organelles? cell wall,cell membrane, chloroplasts, cytoplasm,vacoule,mitochondrion,nucleus
BONOUS QUESTION:What are all the animal cells organelles? cell membrane, vesicle, nucleus, mitochondrion, cytoplasm
What do plants need for photosynthesis? CO2 gas,light energy,water,chloophyll
What are the main products of photosynthesis? oxygen,sugar ,and starches for plants
How do plant cells and animal cells differ? plant cells have a cell wall and chloroplasts
What does the stomata do? let CO2 in,let oxygen and water out
What does a nucleus do? controls what the cell does
Do all cells have a nucleus? no,all cells do not have a nucleus
How many diffrent types cells are there? many
What does chloroplast do? makes food from light energy
What is it called when plants store energy? cellular respiration
A mitochondria is also called the__________ power plant
What is the formula for photosynthesis? Co2+h2o+sunlight+chlorophyll=sugar+oxygen
What is the formula for cellular respiration? sugar+oxygen=Co2+h2o+energy
What is transpiration? water leaving the plant
What does the cytoplasm do? Stores wastes.
What are te basic parts of cells? the cytoplasm,nucleus,cell membrane mitochondrion,and the vacuole
What is the mitchondrion's job? to release energy from the cell
What does a vacuole do? Stores water,energy and wastes in PLANT cells
what is the basic unit of structure and function in living things? cells
can you see something microscopic with your eyes?what is the defintion for microscope ? no,something microscopic can only be seen using a microscope.A microscope is a tool used to see things that can't be seen with the naked eye
bacteria cells are what and are not what? they are singled celled orginisms and has cell walls.they are not organelles,plantcells,animalcells and they do not have nucleus .
what is protists? they are single celled organelles and have nucleus and organelles(not plant cells,animal cells ,or bacteria).
Is all bacteria bad? No, if you eat yogurt or cheese those are both bacteria mixed with milk
What do protist have that bacteria does not? a nucleus and organelles
What is transpiration? water leaving the plant
What do plant cells store energy? sugar and starches
Created by: playology123