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How is 1000 written as a power of 10 10^3
How is 100000 written as a power of 10? 10^5
How is .00001 written as a power of 10? 10^-5
What does 5.13 x 10^10 look like written out in standard form 51,300,000,000
Name the astrological terms from smallest to largest Star, galaxy, universe
The Milky Way galaxy is to the sun as: an engine is to a car OR an ocean is to a drop of water Ocean is to a drop of water - meaning the drop of water is extremely small compared to all the water in the ocean. The sun is extremely small compared to the size of the entire milky way
Is the sun a small, medium, or large sized star? Medium
Does the sun have low, average, or great brightness? average
Light from the sun is able to reach Earth more quickly than light from other stars because... The sun is closer to Earth than the other stars
How long it takes for light from the sun to reach the earth is measured in what unit? Minutes
How long it takes to travel from the sun to the closest star is measured in what unit? Lightyears
The production of light, heat, gamma rays, and ultraviolet rays has what affect on the sun? The sun loses it's energy
Do all waves on the electromagnetic spectrum have the same wavelength? No
Describe radiowaves in terms of it's wavelength and frequency It has the longest wavelength and lowest frequency
How much of the sun's radiation reaches the earth? A very small percentage
Do all waves on the electromagnetic spectrum travel at the same speed? Yes
Do acids speed up or slow down chemical reactions? Slows down
Does increasing temperature affect a chemical reaction by speeding it up or slowing it down? Speeds it up
Did lemon juice speed up or slow down the amount of time for the apple to spoil? Slowed it down. Lemon juice is acidic.
Will salt dissolve in water? Yes
Will oil, sand, or gravel dissolve in water? No
What is the universal solvent (will be most likely to dissolve something)? Water because it can dissolve many things.
If salt is dissolved in water, what effect would that have on the water's boiling point? The boiling point would slightly rise.
What kind of force is exhibited when a book is being pushed off of a desk? An unbalanced force
What holds the earth and other planets in their orbits? Gravity
What is the formula for for distance, speed, and time? D = S x T
If a car is going 2mi/min for 20 minutes, it would travel 40 miles. If it traveled 4mi/min for the same amount of time (20 Min) how much farther would it go? It would go twice (double) as far - 80 miles.
What keeps the moon in orbit around the earth? Gravitational force
What would cause a ball rolling down a hill to eventually stop? Friction & Gravity
Created by: indycreed