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Pitts VOCAB 9

Vocab Unit 9 American Revolution

army or citizens who are not regular soldiers but who undergo training for emergency duty or national defense militia
a pitiless killing of many people or animals massacre
an official announcement; public declaration proclamation
the national lawmaking body of Great Britain parliament
betrayal of one's country or ruler treason
join together against and agree not to buy or use products or services boycott
a group of people who leave their own country and go to settle in another land, but who still remain citizens of their own country colony
a formal request to someone in authority for some privilege, right or benefit petition
members of the American militia before and during the Revolutionary War minutemen
independent; freedom from the control, influence, support or help of others independence
person who loves and loyally supports his or her country patriot
person who supports the ruler or the existing government, especially in times of revolt loyalist
soldier serving for pay in a foreign army mercenary
a complete overthrow of an established government or political system revolution
land, region territory
person who betrays his or her country or ruler traitor
act of interfering; get in the way; mix in the affairs of others interference
a running away from duty, especially from military service desertion
rightness; honor; fairness justice
a British soldier redcoat
the lawmaking body of the United States congress
condition of being free liberty
a gathering of people for some purpose; meeting assembly
area of deep water protected from winds, currents, etc. harbor
armed resistance or fight against one's government rebellion
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