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Pitts VOCAB 8

Vocab Unit 8 Music

of high musical quality and enjoyed especially by serious students of music classical
an elaborate musical composition for an orchestra symphony
succession of single tones in music; tune melody
song of praise, devotion, or patriotism anthem
a large brass instrument with a loud tone, usually with a long, sliding piece for varying the length of the tube trombone
a small guitar having four strings ukulele
a musical instrument having 30 to 40 strings, played with the fingers and a plectrum zither
an instrument played by striking it percussion
kettledrums timpani
a small, shallow drum with jingling metal disks around the side, played by striking it with the knuckles or by shaking it tambourine
person who plays a musical accompaniment accompanist
a deep-toned woodwind instrument with a doubled wooden body and a curved metal pipe to which a double reed is attached bassoon
a portable musical wind instrument with bellows, metallic reeds, and keys accordion
put together compose
musical entertainment given, usually by a single performer recital
instrument that reproduces sounds from phonograph records; record player phonograph
arrangement of beats in a piece of music rhythm
musical notes played or sung to go along with a melody harmony
a woodwind instrument in which a thin, high-pitched tone is produced by a double reed oboe
a small, shrill flute piccolo
a small musical instrument with metal reeds, played by breathing in and out through a set of openings harmonica
a musical instrument that is held between the knees while it is played with a bow or by plucking strings with the fingers cello
one of a pair of brass plates, used as a musical instrument cymbal
group of musicians playing together on various instruments orchestra
person who sings or plays a musical piece along soloist
Created by: mrspitts


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