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Pitts VOCAB 7

Vocab Unit 7 Medical Terms

a very harmful growth in the body, malignant tumor cancer
a breaking of a bone or cartilage fracture
a very contagious viral disease that causes fever, vomiting, and red eruptions on the skin and is often fatal smallpox
an unusual reaction of body tissue to certain substances, such as particular kinds of pollen, food, hair, or cloth allergy
a contagious disease caused by a virus resulting in a breaking out of small red sports on the dkin. measles
inability to sleep; sleeplessness insomnia
an injury; hurt lesion
injury to the body, caused by a fall or a blow, that breaks blood vessels without breaking the skin bruise
loss of memory caused by injury to the brain, or by disease or shock amnesia
the feeling that one has when about to vomit nausea
painful inflammation of a joint or joints in the body arthritis
extreme fatigue, tiredness exhaustion
a children's disease of the throat and windpipe that causes a hoarse cough and difficult breathing croup
inflammation of the mucous membrane that lines the bronchial tubes bronchitis
a sudden attack of disease seizure
a physical wound or an emotional shock; injury trauma
an acute, contagious disease caused by a virus. Its symptoms sometimes resemble a bad cold influenza
a very serious disease in which the membranes surrounding the brain or spinal cord become inflamed meningitis
disease in which a person's system cannot properly absorb normal amounts of sugar and starch because the pancreas fails to secrete enough insulin diabetes
German measles rubella
impairment of the ability to read dyslexia
disease characterized by periodic chills, fever and sweating malaria
inflammation of the tonsils tonsillitis
a severe headache, usually on one side only migraine
inflammation of the gums gingivitis
Created by: mrspitts
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