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Pitts VOCAB 6

Vocab Unit 6 Occupations

a person who surveys land surveyor
person who studies the treatment of foot ailments podiatrist
an expert in sociology-the study of the origin and development of human society sociologist
person whose business is covering furniture with fabric upholsterer
person who studies the art of making timepieces like watches and clocks horologist
person who is an expert in calligraphy, the art of beautiful handwriting calligrapher
person who prepares statistics, or numerical facts about people, weather, business, etc. statistician
person whose work is driving an automobile chauffeur
maker or seller of eyeglasses and other optical instruments optician
person or thing that excavates - digs holes excavator
writer of plays, dramatist playwright
woman employed on an airplane to look after passengers stewardess
person who examines or manages business accounts accountant
an expert in the science dealing with weather meteorologist
person learning a trade or art apprentice
a doctor who specializes in obstetrics - the branch of medicine concerned with treating women before and after childbirth obstetrician
doctor or surgeon who treats animals veterinarian
an expert in botany - the study of plants botanist
person whose business is conducting auctions to sell things auctioneer
person who provides food and supplies for parties and weddings caterer
person authorized to determine the value of property, imported goods, etc. appraiser
a person who studies the art of cosmetics and their use cosmetologist
messenger sent in haste courier
the lawyer who takes charge of the government's side of a case against an accused person prosecutor
person skilled or trained in public or international law or a person who promotes other people, organizations, etc. publicist
Created by: mrspitts
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