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Pitts VOCAB 2

Vocab Unit 2 Sports

a game played on a field with a ball and a long-handled, loosely strung racket by two teams usually of ten players each lacrosse
an outdoor game played by knocking wooden balls through small wire arches with mallets croquet
an outdoor game played by two teams of eleven players each, with a ball, bats, and wickets cricket
a game in which large, smooth, rounded stones with handles are slid over ice at a target curling
a judge of play at certain games and sports referee
a glove with a big pad over the palm and fingers, used by baseball players mitt
firm, resolute determined
qualities or conduct of a sportsman; fair play sportsmanship
courage, endurance grit
association of sports clubs or teams league
a space surrounded by seats used today for contests or shows arena
the area bounded by home plate and the three bases in baseball, the infield diamond
a wire arch stuck in the ground to knock the ball through in croquet; either of the two sets of sticks in cricket wicket
series of contests testing the skill of many persons in some sport tournament
perceptive, acute keen
act of achieving; carry out to a successful end achievement
a special natural ability talent
person who looks on without taking part spectator
to sway from weakness; to arrange in an alternating pattern stagger
an attacking team or force offense
team or players defending a goal in a game defense
a hammer, usually with a wooden head mallet
trying hard to win or gain something wanted by others; rivalry competition
get back; recover retrieve
throw with much force; fling hurl
Created by: mrspitts