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Pitts VOCAB 1

VOCAB Unit 1 Geography

air surrounding the earth atmosphere
huge, treeless plain bordering the Arctic Ocean tundra
not able to produce much barren
place where water or some other substance is stored for later use reservoir
surface features of an area of land, such as mountains, valleys, hills, lakes topography
any form of water that falls from the sky precipitation
a slow-moving stream that flows through swampy land into or out of a river, gulf, or lake bayou
a large highland plain that rises sharply above the surrounding land plateau
an official count of all the people who live in a certain country, state, or city census
a member of a tribe or group that often moves from place to place nomad
to prepare the ground for growing crops cultivation
a strong, steady wind that blows in southern Asia and the Indian Ocean monsoon
a violent windstorm, a tornado cyclone
one of a group of imaginary lines on the earth from the North Pole to the South Pole meridian
a fan-shaped deposit of mud and sand, often green with vegetation, found at the mouth of many rivers delta
an arm of the sea, especially a wide mouth of a river where the tide flows in estuary
a darkening or hiding of the sun, the moon, or a planet eclipse
an area of land from which water runs down into a river basin
the height above sea level of a certain place elevation
an area of land, especially in terms of its physical features terrain
the imaginary line around the center of the earth at a point halfway between the North and South Poles equator
a narrow strip of land with water on each side that joins two larger bodies of land isthmus
a very serious lack of food in a certain place famine
the amount of water vapor in the air humidity
a spring that shoots hot water and steam into the air geyser
Created by: mrspitts