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anatomy quiz 3

muscular system

4 functions: *movement *structures/postures *heal productions *protection
movement: all body movement depends of muscle action
structure/posture: muscle accounts for @ least 50% body weight
heal productins: wounds close after time, fascia re-closes an open area.
Protection: limits movement to avoid injury:golgi tendon organ/muscle spindle
1.muscle: skeletal (voluntary) A. attached to bone B. slow twitch/fast twitch
2.muscle: cardiac (involuntary) A. heart b. controls itself & its rhythm: mechanical/electrical C. designed for endurance
3.muscle smooth (involuntary) A. found in visera, blood vessels, intestines B. designed to maintain long contractions.
1.muscle cell: muscle fiber
2.endomysium: surrounds fibers
3.perimysiun: surrounds fasicles
4.muscle: bundles of fasicles
5.epimysium: surrounds muscle
deep fascia: surrounds groups, become tendons @ the end of muscle
aponeurosis: broad sheet of connective tissue
retinaculum: bandage like connective tissue, holds structures in place.
muscletone: partial state of muscle
contraction: posture
flacid: lack of tone
hypertonicity: too much tone
agonist: prime mover
synorgist: assists the prime mover
antagonist: opposes prime mover
fixator: stabilize proximal aspects so that dostal can move to it's max
isometric contraction: no change in movement
isotonic contraction: change in muscle lenght
lever system: *class 1 (FAR) *class 2 (FRA): wheel barrel; power speed *CLASS 3 (AFR): bicep curl
suport: holds bones in place; every bone is connected to another bone by ligaments (except hyoid)
synovial joints: hinge/ball socket/gliding/saddle
amphiarthrotic slightly movable, vertabrae
synarthrotic: no mov't skull sutures
synovial darthrotic: freely moving; knees, elbows, shoulders
flexability: 3 different joints in body; based on mov't or degree of mov't
Created by: jesmaria