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Language Devel. 2/28

real word intent to convey meaning, not match adult form, purposeful
early word production 12-18 months
holophrastic speech over 6 month period, 1st learn 50 words then 2 word utterances, limits then stops babbling
early words 1-2 syl, reduce larger words to 1-2 syl, ex. banana-->nana, more vowels, front mouth, pattern, no clusters
monosylabic cv/vc ex. no/up
absence of consonant clusters blacky-->backy
produced in front mouth easier
more vowels e,ah,eh popular, none influence by r
predictable pattern of substituted sounds can go past 18 months, typical developmental misarticulation with +/- voiced, consonant production, place, and manner
primary caregiver best understands not always parent, decode words best, know environment, para/non linguistics noticed
by 2-2 1/2 years vowels mastered before consonants
by 5 years r vowels mastered
monothong vowels mastered before diphthong vowels bc its easier
voicing mistakes add to begining of a syl, eliminate end of syl
place of production bilabial, alvelor, velor, interdental, palatal, glottal
bilabial both lips, p-b-m, tactile
alvelor easy to feel, t-d-n
velor back, ng
interdental hard, th
palatal hard, sh
glottal learned early, h
manner of production stop/nasals, glides, fricatives