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The Moving Crust

4th grade science

The place where plates slide past each other Fault
When a plate slides up and the one next to it slides down, the rising plate will create this Fault block mountain
A high landform with a flat top Created when the lifting plate spreads over a wide area Plateau
When plates slide toward each other and a bend occurs in the rock layers Fold
When plates move toward each other and the land keeps scrunching, a tall landform that rises to a peak forms this Fold mountain
A sudden shaking of the Earth's crust Earthquake
During a major earthquake, the safest places to be are In a doorway, under a table
Earthquakes in the ocean Tsunami
Vibrations caused by earthquakes Seismic waves
An instrument that detects and records earth quakes Seismograph
What causes earthquakes? plates move along a fault causing the rocky crust to break apart
How do earthquakes travel? Begins below the ground. The waves travel like the ripples of water moving away from the center.
How can an earthquake cause a tsunami? the Crust of the ocean bottom lifts - earthquake at the ocean bottom
A mountain that builds up around an opening in the Earth's crust to the hot layers below Volcano
Where do earthquakes begin? Along a fault
What do we call the vibrations from an earthquake? Seismic waves
Materials from the Earth's interior forced out of an opening of a volcano eruption
melted rock below the surface of the earth magma
melted rock that reaches the earth's surface lava
When lava and ash cool from a volcano eruption it forms . . . rock
Where do volcanoes form? At the edges of plates
How does a volcano form? 2 plates meet One sinks below the other the sinking plate gets hotter the rock on the sinking plate melts into magma the magma rises
Places where the earth's crust is very thin and magma can easily break through earths surface hot spots
a hot spot in the Pacific Ocean formed huge volcanoes on the ocean floor that rose about the water and formed these The islands of Hawaii
Why do earthquakes happen suddenly? The plates move slowly and build up energy in the rocks at the edge. When the energy builds up, it finally releases in one big burst.
Created by: kolsen