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Social Studies

Chapter 5 Review midterm 2013

person who agrees to work without pay for a period of time in exchange for a boat trip to the colonies Indentured Servant
the buying and selling of enslaved people slave trade
a worker with a special skill, such as a carpenter or shoemaker Artisan
a job that helps people ex. doctor, mail carrier, teacher service
a person who buys and sells goods to make money merchant
a large piece of land owned by one landowner manor
made up of the people and laws that run a place such as a colony, city, state, or country government
a person who works with a more experienced person to learn a skill apprentice
these people migrated to New Paltz from France in 1678 to find religious freedom Huguenots
Why did the African population increase in New York in the 1700's? because the slaves were being brought over in ships from Africa
This group introduce ice skating to New York The Dutch
What did children usually do during the time they were not in school? worked as Apprentices
When and how often did people bathe? baths once a week
Place where New York's first chocolate factory was built Albany
He owned a large manor south of Albany Robert Livingston
These people migrated to an old Dutch town they called Rhinebeck Germans
How many months per year did colonial children usually attend school? 3 months
How were schools funded in Colonial New York? Families had to pay the teacher
What was the most common way merchants made a living in Colonial New York? trading goods
In what ways did different cultures influence life in New York? Give one example of a culture's influence in NY. People influence language, foods, house styles, music, and stories. The Dutch brought the sport of ice skating to New York.
Colonists in New York made a living in a variety of ways. Give details to support this idea. People worked in service jobs; produced goods such as wheat, beef, and wood; worked as merchants; opened inns; and worked as artisans, printers, blacksmiths, or hatters.
How did English control of New York change education for children? Children spent less time in school. There were no free public schools. Classes were taught in English rather that Dutch.
Created by: Guardian21