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Krasky Science Fair

these are words we use when conducting experiments

scientific method a process that scientists use to answer questions; this helps them explain the world
variable something in a scientific experiment that can control or change the outcome; what the scientist is testing
hypothesis an educated guess that can be tested to answer a question; must be an "if/then" statement
experiment a scientific test that can be used to prove or disprove a hypothesis
data/observations table, log, chart/illustration, graph (bar, line, pie) is used to record what happened in the experiment; a paragraph summary of observations during the experiment should coordinate and explain chart and/or graph from Excel
conclusion the result, or outcome, of an experiment; was the hypothesis right or wrong
observe to use your senses to learn about an object or event
statement of the problem brief description of the problem to be solved, study to be done, or process to be demonstrated; in the form of a question
background information short report containing information about the topic; brainstorm key words related to their question (definitions, how they work, and any connections between items, history of items or situations)
bibliography list of reference materials used in the project; list of sources include: textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionary, science-related books, magazines, newspapers, personal interviews, internet
materials list of items needed in order to conduct the experiment (cups, measuring spoons, water, fertilizer, etc); include the quantity of all items
procedure step-by-step set of sequential instructions of how the experiment or model will be set up; the procedure should be written clearly enough so that anyone can repeat the experiment and reach the same results
Created by: skrasky