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E.S. Ch. 8+9 vocab.

Chapter 8+9 vocabulary practice terms

fossil fuels the organic remains of plants, animals, and microorganisms that lived millions of years ago that are preserved as natural gas, oil, and coal
Industrial Revolution a period of history during which machinery replaced human labor
acid mine drainage a kind of pollution, associated with coal mines, in which bacteria convert the sulfur in coal into compounds that form sulfurie acid
active solar system a system that traps sunlight energy as heat energy and uses mechanical means to move it to another location
biomass any accumulation of organic material produced by living things
black lung disease a respiatory condition resulting from the accumulation of large amounts of fine coal dust particles in miner's lungs
geothermal energy the heats energy from the molten core
liquefied natural gas natural gas that has beenconverted to a liquid by cooling to -162-C
nonrenewable energy sources those energy sources that are not replaced by natural process within a reasonable lenght of time
overburden the layer of soil and rock that covers deposits of desirable minerals
passive solar system a desibg that allows for the entrapment and transfer of heat from the sun to a building without the use of moving parts or machinery
photovoltaic cell a means of directly converting light energy into electricity
renewable energy sources those enrgy sources that can be regenerated by natural processes
reserves the known deposits from which materials can be extracted profitably with existing technology under present economic conditions
resources naturally occuring substances that can be utilized by people but may not be economic
secondary recovery techniques used to obtain the maximum amount of oil or natural gas from a well
surface mining a type of minning in which the overburden is removed to produce the underlying deposit
underground mining a type of mining in which the deposited material is removed without disturbing the overburden
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