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RN Nursing

What is the rational for using a bag bath? To reduce the risk of infection
What is the frequency of oral hygiene for an unconscious patient? Every 2 hours
How to prevent aspiration? HAve the patient sit up for 30 minutes after eating
What fruit causes decreased absorption of many drugs? Grapefruit
What is the best way to ascertain NG tube placement? With an X-ray
What does the nurse do when the feeding tube residual is above 200 ml? Stop feeding when the residual is ever 200 ml +
What does a nurse do before administering a bolus feeding tube? Aspirate & check pH
What is indicated when the pH of the fluid in the NG tube aspirate is 7? The tube is not in the stomach
Does the nurse indicate that an incident report was completed in the nurse's notes in the patients files? No an incident report should never be put in the nurses notes
How should documentation be done? Objectivly and Specificly
What should a nurse do when teaching a patient who is complaining of severe pain? Postpone teaching untill the patient is no longer in severe pain
What would a nurse do when taking blood pressure of a patient with hypertension? Inflate the cuff 30 mmHg higher then where the brachial pluse can no longer be palpated
What is slight opacity? Assessment of pupils revels round shape, light opacity, brisk response to light with bilateral constriction And this finding is abnormal
What breathing sounds are fine, medium, and coarse? Crackles
What breathing sounds are high pitched, musical sounds like a squeak, heard continuously during inspiration and expiration? Wheezes
What normal breath sounds are loud,high pitched hollow and heard only over the trachea? Bronchial sounds
What normal breath sounds are soft, breezy low pitched with longer inspiration? Vesicular
What are Kussmaul's respiration? Abnormally deep, regular respirations, usually at a rapid rate
What is an indicater of vascular problems? BP in right arm is 20 mm lower than BP in left arm
What temperature and color are indicative of arterial insufficiency? Cool & pale
What are petechiae? Pinpoint sized red dots on the skin
The diastolic pressure is the same in both the leg & brachial artery. How much higer is the systolic pressure in the leg to the brachial artery? 10-40 mmHg
What is a indication of an arterial insufficiency? BP in right arm is 20 mm lower than BP in left arm
The AP ratio for a patient with COPD would be the same as a childs which is? 1 to 1
A normal adult AP ratio would be? 2 to 1
Nitrogen Balance is an indicator of what? Nutritional status
When a nursing is assessing for pallor in a dark skinned patient the nurse should check the buccal mucosa
What is the most appropriate type of bath to give a patient that is exhibiting dementia? Bag bath
When a nurse is assessing for juandice in a dark skinned patient the nurse should check? The sclera of the eye
When a nurse is assisting a patient and the patient begins to fall what should the nurse do? Help the patient slide to the floor down your leg
What does in mean when a patients activity is ad lib. The patient may ambulate independently
What is the proper way to apply elastic stockings? Inside out from the toes
When a patient is using a walker the patient should use what leg to 1st step with The weaker leg
When a patient is using a walker the patient should use what leg to 1st step with The weaker leg
1 kg = ___ g 1,000 g
1 g = ____ mg 1,000 mg
1 mg = ____ mcg 1,000 mcg
1 L = ____ mL 1,000 mL
1 mL = ____ L 0.001 L
In the metric system which way does the decimal move when converting lager units to smaller units (example gram to milligram) Right
In the metric system which way does the decimal move when converting smaller units to larger units (example gram to kilogram) Left
1 teaspoon (t) = ____ mL 5 mL
1 tablespoon (T) = ____ mL 15 mL
1 cup = ___ oz 8 oz
1 gtt = ___ drop 1 drop
1 ounce (oz) = ___ mL 30 mL
1 T = ___ mL 15 mL
2 T = ___ oz 1 oz
1 t = __ mL 5 mL
1 cup = ___ mL (___ oz) 240 mL ( 8 oz)
1 pint = ___ mL ( ___ oz) 500 mL ( 16 oz)
1 qt = ___ mL (___oz) 1,000 mL ( 32 oz)
15 grains = __ mg ___ g 1,000 mg 1 g
1 grain = __ mg 60 mg
1 Lb = __ oz 16 oz
1 in = __ cm 2.5 cm
1 cm = __ mm 10 mm
1 kg = ___ Lb 2.2 LB
Pallor in a brown skinned patient yellow-brown color
Pallor in a dark skinned patient ashen-gray
Normal pupil reaction PERRLA P-pupil E-equal R-round R-reactive to L-light and A-accommodation
Order of assessment 1. Inspection 2. Auscultation 3. Percussion 4. Palpation
Why is auscultation done before percussion and palpation? For accuracy of bowel sounds
Opioid intoxication Pinpoint pupils
What assessments can be done while a patient is sitting? Sitting upright provides full expansion of lungs and provides better visualization of symmetry of upper body parts
What assessment can be done while laying flat? Relaxed position, easy access to pulse sites
How to assess roles and power structures? ask "Who makes the most houldhold decisions?"
Which nutrient helps with tissue repair? protien
Things to include in a shift change report SBAR S-situation B-background A-assessment R-recommendation
Erikson Trust vs Mistrust birth-1year
Erikson Autonomy vs Sense of shame and doubt 1-3 years
Erikson Initiative vs Guilt 3 - 6 years
Erikson Industry vs Inferiority 6 - 11 years
Erikson Identity vs Confusion Puberty
Erikson Intimacy vs Isolation young adult
Erikson Generativity vs Self-absorption and stagnation Middle age
Erikson Integrity vs Despair Old age
Normal Heart rate (beats per minute)for an infant 120 - 160
Normal Heart rate (beats per mintue) for a toddler 90 - 140
Normal Heart rate (beats per mintue) for a preschooler 80 - 110
Normal Heart rate (beats per mintue) for a school age child 75 - 100
Normal Heart rate (beats per mintue) for a adolescent 60-90
Normal Heart rate (beats per mintue) for an adult 60-100
Breath rates per mintue for a newborn 30-60
Breath rates per mintue for an infant (6months) 30-50
Breath rates per mintue for a toddler (2years) 25-32
Breath rates per mintue for a child 20-30
Breath rates per mintue for a adolescent 16-19
Breath rates per mintue for an adult 12-20
BP infant (1 months) 85/54
BP 1 year 95/65
BP 6 years 105/65
BP 10-13 years 110/65
BP 14-17 years 120/75
BP >18 years 120/80
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