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phlebeotomy final

which test evaluates a patient's insulin response to a measured dose glucose tolerance test
the most common antiseptic for routine blood collection 70% isopropyl alcohol
peak and trough levels are drawn for therapeutic drug monitoring
not true regarding blood cultures they need to be cooled after being drawn to slow down the metabolism of the bacteria
list 3 criteria for specimen rejection mislabeled mixing tubes not full enough
what test is light sensitive bilirubin
what blood samples must be kept at 37 degree centigrade cold agglutinin
sample that must be delivered to the laboratory on ice is ammonia
peak drug levels are collected when the highest levels of the drug is anticipated
test used to assess platelet function is bleeding time
test for respiratory system ABG
test results are affected most if the patient is not fasting triglycerides and blucose
blood specimen should be chilled during a 45 minute transport blood gases
after blood collection, when should plasma be centrifuged 30 minutes
what is good cholesterol HDL
diabetes mellitus is caused by the inability of the pancreas to make or use what substance insulin
what can be used in children and infants to diagnose whooping cough nasopharyngeal swab
what type of urine specimen is needed to detect and infection clean-catch
what is the specimen of choice for drug abuse testing urine
type of specimens is most frequently collected for analysis urine
O&P analysis is requested on which type of specimen fecal matter
ketosis is frequently detected in what condition liver disease
what is used to detect cystic fibrosis sweat chloride stest
throat cultures are most commonly obtained to determine the presence of streptococcus pyogenes
pregnancy can be determined by the detection of what hormone HCG
what test is used to monitor heparin therapy PTT
the most critical aspect of blood culture collection is skin antisepsis
what test may require special chain of custody documentation when collected drug screen
which of the following is a patient right to refused treatment
list the 4 areas that must be proven for lawsuit to be successful duty owned, duty breached, direct cause, resulting damages
an outpatient faints while a blood specimen is being collected. what do u do? remove needle from the PT arm and lower the PAT head and arms
the most important step in specimen collection identifying the patient
if and adult patient refuses to have blood drawn you should first gently try and talk them in to it
the singular form of alveoli is alveolus
the medical term for white blood cell leukocyte
term for kidney inflammation is nephritis
ESR means erythrocyte sedimentation rate
term for muscle pain myalgia
hardening of the artery is arteriosclerosis
polycythemia means many-cell blood condition
the JCAHO do not use list applies to all of the following except electronic laboratory reports
uti urinary track infection
nervous system disorder multiple sclerosis
function of th3e urinary system maintain electrolyte balance
test of the urinary system creatinine clearance
tissue types covers and lines organs vessels and cavities epithelial
a dangerous condition in which a patients Ph decreases acidosis
the brain is encased in the ________ body cavity dorsal
a hormone specific to the hear which is released when there is too much pressure or fluid is known as BNP
structure in the skin give rise to fingerprints papillae
type of muscle is under voluntary control skeletal
the liquid part of a clotted blood specimen is called serum
the liquid part of an unclotted blood specimen is called plasma
if the tube in which blood is drawn contains an anticoagulant, the liquid part of the resulting blood specimen will be plasma
if th4e tube in which blood is drawn contains no anticoagulant, the liquid part of the resulting blood specimen will be serum
the difference between plasma and serum is serum uses up the fibrinagen plasma hasn't used any fibrinagen
considering all patients to be potentially infectious for hepatitis or HIV is the concept of universal precaution
class c fire involves electrical equipment
3 components of fire referred to as the fire triangle are fuel oxygen heat
if you accidentally plash hydrochloric acid in your eye what should you do first flush you eye with water for minimum of 15minute
what is the best means of preventing nosocomial infections proper hand washing
the degree to which an organism is capable of causing disease is called virulence
what instance might a patient be placed in protective isolation th4e patients has severe burns
blue quadrant of NFPA diamond shaped symbol of hazardous material indicates health hazard
when the chain of infection is broken infection is prevented
reverse or protective isolation is used to keep health care workers and others from transmitting infection to patients
example of a nosocomial infection when a catheter site of a patients in ICU becomes infected
the federal agency that publishes regulations or laws that protect employees and supersedes other regulatory agencies OSHA
the first action to be taken when a fire is discovered is to rescue possible victum
3 types of fire extinguisher and identify the types of fire they are used to extinguish A consumable ordinary material k kitchen fire C electrical
3 main parenteral routes of transmission of blood borne pathogens in the health care setting needle stick, broken skin, Mucous membrane
hand washing as decried in class results in the sterilization of your hands true
transmission of disease by a mosquito is known as vector transmission
what substance is used to clean of the desk in the lab 9:1 water/ bleach
systole refers to heart contraction
diastole heart relaxation
how many times does the average heart beat each minute 60-80
th3e middle layer of heart muscle is called myocardium
what location of the body does oxygen and carbon dioxides gas exchanges take place alveoli of the lungs
leukocytes white blood cells
erythrocytes what is it and what does it do RBC defense against infection
thrombocytes what is it and what it do platelets blood clotting
upper chamber of the heart are known as right left atrium
large atery or arteries carry blood to the body from th4e left side of the heart aorta
veins transport blood returning the right side of the heart from the body vena cavea
what is the most common blood type o
which arteries supply blood to the head and neck carotid
major artery in the antecubital area brachial
what vein is the most commonly used for venipuncture median cubital
sensitive tissue in the right atrium wall that begins the heart beat sinoatrial node
the medical term for a heart attack myocardium infraction
an extra heart sound heard between normal beats is known as murmur
aneurysm is ballooning our of a blood vessel
passage of a long flexible tube in to the heart chamber through a vein cardiac catherization
the proper direction of blood flow in the circulatory system arterioles capillaries venules
what happens if the phlebotomist ties the tourniquet too tight arterial flow may stopped hemoconcentration it hurts the patient
the serum or plasma of a hemolyzed specimen would appear pink or red
the most common antiseptic for routine blood collection 70% isopropyl alcohol
the best angle to use for needle insertion 15-30 degree
what is the purpose of an antiglycolytic agent preserve glucose
what may happen if they bent here arm up at the elbow to apply pressure after the venipuncture bleeding may occur when the are is lowered bruising platelets may pull a way
your are in the process of collection a specimen. the needle is inser4ed but the blood is fulling the tube very sloly. you see a hematoma forming very rapidly. what has happened needle is only partly in the vein
A ABC in run on whole blood
the veins in the arm median cubital cephalic basillic
another name for blood bank is innumohematology
what hospital department would the laboratory coordinate therapeutic drug monitoring pharmacy
electrolyte testing includes SODIUM POTASSIUM
which department is responsible for administering oxygen therapy respiratory therapy
phlebotomy means incise a vein
if a patient has IVs in both arms where do you draw below the IV
it is not a good idea to collect a CBC specimen from screaming infant because WBC may be falsely elevated
prolonged tourniquet application may caused a change in blood composition primarily because hemoconcentration
why do pregnant patients have lower reference ranges for RBC count blood fluid increase in pregnancy, having a diluting effect on RBC
what test is more often a times test therapeutic drug monitoring
what instance may leas you to suspect that you have accidentally punctured an artery the blood pulses into th4e tube
if blood is drawn too quickly from a small vein the vein will have a tendency to collapse
FISTULA IS permanent fusion of an artery and vein
when a test requires a fasting specimen but the serum is___ it is a clue that the patient was not fasting lipemic
tests influenced by diurnal variation are often ordered as___tests, and it is important to collect them as close as possible to the time ordered timed
what is the recommended maximum depth of heel puncture 2.0mm
why are EDTA specimens obtained before other specimens when collected by skin puncture to minimize effects of platelets clumping
why should a laboratory report from indicate the fact that a specimen has been collected by skin puncture because test results may bary depending on the method of collection
what is the safest area for infant heel puncture lateral planter surface
the purpose of wiping away the first drop of blood during skin puncture is to eliminate tissue fluid contamination
skin puncture blood most closely resembles arterial blood
Calcaneus means heel bone
skin puncture blood reference values (normals) are higher for glucose
what is PKU a hereditary inability to metabolize phenylalanine
it is necessary to control depth of lancet insertion during skin puncture to avoid bone injury
what is the purpose of warming the site before skin puncture it increases blood flow up to seven times
blood test that cannot be performed by skin puncture is erythrocyte sedimentation rate
when the are of the swollen with excess fluid, this condition is called edema
chain of infection infectious agent, reservoir, exit pathway, means of transmission, entry pathway, susceptible host