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Body Systems

What is a PVC sensation? Flip-flop
Barium Swallow/Upper GI Series helps identify what? Swallowing abnormalities, esphogus, strictures, varacies, gastric tumors, and peptic ulcers
How long does it take the Small Bowel Series test? 5-6 Hours
What is Enteroclysis? A small bowel enema
Barium Enema/Lower GI Series identifies what? Polyps, tumors, strictures, or lesions
How many liters of Barium is instilled into the rectum? 1-1 1/2 liters
what parts of the colon is observed with a lower GI series? Rectum, sigmoid colon, and decending colon are observed during filling.
What is a Cholecystography series? Gallbladder
After the initial xray is taken with the gallbladder test, what is the patient instructed to and additional xrays maybe taken? Eat a fatty test meal.
In Radionuclide imaging how is the medium order? By weight
What is a CT scan used to detect (with GI) Structural abnormalities of the GI tract such as metastaic lesions.
What is a percutaneous Liver biopsy? Invasive procedure, long needle sample of liver tissue. Pt to take deep breath and hold to stablize the liver in place.
What is PY tests? To detect Helicobacter pylori:bacteria associated with peptic ulcer disease
What is a hydrogen breath test? Indicates lactose intolerance. Breath sample before and at intervals after ingestion of a CHO solution.
With a hemocult where is the blood? Blood is hidden
What is anorexia? Lack of appetite
Where is the appetite center located? In the hypothalmus
What are some s/s of anorexia? Hunger absent, Wt. loss, Dry skin, bleeding gums, easy bruising, Soft bones,
In diagnostic finding with anorexia what will the Hgb/blood cell counts look like? They will be decreased.
Where is the vomiting center located? Medulla
Valsava maneuver, what is it? Forcefull expusion of stomach contents and pooping
What is an early stage of cancer in the oral cavity? White patch, mostly symptom free
Who ia usually the first person to find oral cancer Your dentist
What is GERD Common disorder that develops when gastric contents flow in an upward direction into esophagus.
What is the cause of Gerd? The esophageal sphincter does not close well
Wht are some s/s of GERD? Dyspepsia (epigastric pain or discomfort) Regurgitation Dysphagia (difficult swallowing) Odynophagia (painfull swallowing)
What is fundoplication? a laparoscopic procedure that tightens the cardiac sphincter by wrapping the gastric fundus around the lower esophagus and suturing it into place.
What are some nursing mtg teachings for Gerd? Educate diet life style wt. loss avoid tight clothing elevate hob no smoke no food or drinks before bed
What is Diverticulum? A sac or pouch in one or more layers of the wall of an organ or structure.
What is esophageal diverticula It is found at the junction of the pharynx and esophgus or middle of esophgus or at the bottom.
What is the cardinal sign of bad breath Diverticula, trap food and secretions which narrows the lumen interfers with the passage of food into the stomach and exerts pressure on the trachea.
What are some assessment findings with Esophageal Diverticulum Foul breath Pain or difficulty in swallowing, belching, reguritations, coughing, gurgling sounds upon ausculation in mid upper chest
What is a hiatal hernia? Protrusion of part of the stomach into the esophagus
What are the 2 types of Hiatal hernias? Sliding Paraesophageal
What is a sliding hernia The junction of the stomach and the esophagus and part of the stomach slide up the the weakend portion of the diagragm, (heartburn)
What is a paraesophageal hernia? Stomach displace up beside of the esophagus.
Other risk factors for Cancer of the Esophagus Habitual ingestion of hot liquids or food, poor or inadequate oral hygiene, nutritional deficiences.
Assessments findings of Cancer of the Esophagus difficulty swallowing, wt. loss (follows progressive dysphagia), progression, liquid diet, then the expansion of the tumor, back pain and resp. distress.
What is gastritis? Inflamation of the stomach lining.
Where does most of the absorption take place in the intestines. 10 inches in the duodenal
What is a gstroscopy? Done in difficult cases to obtain specimens and visualize mucosa
If you have acute gastritis what med/surg mtg techniques should you do? clear liquid diet, bland diet, treat the cause
If you have chronic gastritis what med/surg mtg techniques should you do? work on lifestyle. Medication to sooth stomach lining.
What is a peptic ulcer? Loss of tissue in the gi tract area that comes in contact with gastric juices.
Where do most peptic ulcers occur In the duodenum
What are some possible risk factors for developing a peptic ulcer Helicobacter pylori infection, cigarette smoking, family history, chronic use of ASA or NSAIDS
What is the most common sign of peptic ulcer bleeding
Cancer of the stomach is characterized by? an enlarged mass or ulcerating lesion that expands or penetrates several tissue layers.
What is achlorhydria ? absence of free HCL in the stomach. Promotes bacterial growth and chronic ingestion of toxins that are linked to cancer.
When is pain a factor with Cancer of the stomach. Late symptom
What are some other factors with Cancer of the stomach chronic ingestion of highly salted , smoked food or pickled. nitrates,nitrites. tobacco and alcohol use. chronic inflamation, heredity
What is gastric analysis decrease or absence of gastric juices.
What is the only curative approach to gastric cancer surgery
what percentage of the population is obese 1/3
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