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AMS 3rd 9 wks review

A mineral is inorganic, which means that it contains no materials that were once part of living things
Old oceanic crust is more dense than new oceanic crust because it is cooler
Most geologists think that the movement of Earth's plates is caused by convection currents in the mantle
Using data from seismic waves, geologists have learned thta Earth's interior is made up of several layers
Heat and pressure deep beneath the surface of the Earth can change rock into metamorphic rock
A series of processes on Earth's surface and in the crust and mantle that slowly changes the rock from one kind to another rock cycle
Erosion on a mountain range that was pushed up as a result of colliding continental plates will lead to the formation of ______ rock sedimentary rock
The cell's nucleus divides into two new nuclei during mitosis
The regular cycle of growth and division that cells undergo is the cell cycle
When an organism has two different alleles for a trait it it heterozygous
A metal pan burning a counter top is an example of which type of heat transfer? conduction
Reproduction that does not require using gametes (egg and sperm) Asexual reproduction
Which layer of the Earth would you expect to be under the greatest pressure? Inner core
Which type of crust has the greatest density? oceanic crust
What landform forms at a divergent boundary? Mid-ocean ridge
What landform forms at a convergent boundary between two continental plates? mountains
What landform forms at a convergent boundary between a continental plate and an oceanic plate? A trench
What is used to represent a dominant allele? A capital letter
During which stage of the cell cycle does the centromere spilt allowing the chromosomes to move to opposite sides of the cell? Anaphase
What holds two sister chromatids together in a chromosome? A centromere
During which stage of the cell cycle does a new nuclear form around chromosomes in each end of the cell? Telophase
At which plate boundary do plates move past each other horizontally, resulting in earthquakes? transform boundary
If an organism has identical alleles for a trait, it is homozygous or _____ purebred
If an organism has two different alleles for a trait, it is heterozygous or _____ hybrid
Created by: AMSedwards